1043902_715801195172516_7045677898137564217_n AZAR SWAN : AND BLOW US A KISS [ALBUM STREAM] The brilliant Azar Swan have released their second album this week "And Blow Us A Kiss" and you can stream it for a limited amount of time on their Cloud. It's a fantastic follow up to their debut Read More
Fictive - Braindust [DubKraft Rec] Fictive – Braindust [DubKraft Rec] Really cool video and dancing imagery by the homie Silviu Costinescu. Eye Candy Comprised of BrainDust... In his own words: "Braindust is actually a derailed project. One day I was working on Read More
10351009_575452352556433_4858770373583768122_n DUBNOTIC : ARABESQ DUB MIXTAPE Interesting dark Arabic Dub mixtape for you all to enjoy.  Good stuff for Tribal Fusionists! Read More
avatars-000110964437-6pf2nx-t500x500 Thias – Let’s Fly (Odesza – say my name vox) [Norwegian Bass] Norway seems to have been hit by the dance bug following a few of their producers hitting the big time such as Cashmere Cat and Kygo. I think you'll find their numbers swelling in the coming year Read More
1461777_746231652090764_1169074564116550506_n RATHERO : COUNTDOWN We've been saying for a while now that Rathero is a name to watch out for and he is surely continuing to prove that with some of the most interesting stuff that's come out recently.  This new track Read More
10743502_10205580039444746_397890343_n DJ SU REAL : “TRAPISTAN” [India's First Trap Album] India has always shown some great promise when it came to Electronic music in a dance context. From the time of the Asian Underground in the 90's when a clutch of artists from India joined in and experimented Read More
GroupPic Gameface, BLVCK & Watengwa: Looking Back Gameface (left), with the singers Pculture and Novena, producer Daudi a.k.a . Daz Naledge and Incubate project leader Maarten (right) Last month, we announced a collaboration of the Tanzanian Read More
future-city Bison & Squareffekt X Photo Romance – G13 [FUTURE TARRAXO] The laid back vybz of "Future Tarraxo" has excited me for some time now and so glad more of it is coming. Here's a great new track by 2 of the pioneers of this mood Bison & Squareffekt and they're Read More



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