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TarraxoKuduroAfrobeats Tarraxo, Kuduro & Afrobeats: End of Summer Special (Mega Roundup) Since I supported Walter Correia's vibrant tarraxinha mixtape, I realised it was high time for a massive tarraxo roundup in the style of my recent moombahton special! Our second Generation Bass Read More
94fI4tbQblg Scuba – Adrenalin (Aucan Remix) Love the Industrial percussion work on this track! Killa remix of a Scuba track by this Italian duo, Aucan! Says it's due out on Basement Recordings but you can cop it for free! Guaranteed to Read More
a0209265891_10 ARAATAN – NYMPH [MONGOLIAN ELECTRONICA & FUTURE R&B VIA RUSSIA] Really feeling this EP with its wide range of melancholic styles and sounds, part classical, part future R&B, part Electronica and part Pop and it's from Mongolia via Russia! Truly Transnational! Kicks Read More
FUTURE-NUGGETS-COVER MANELE PROG: A NEW STYLE FROM ROMANIA I just came back from Bucharest, Romania and a friend of mine showed me some Romanian stuff i`ve never heard before - the project called Future Nuggets. Basically, the project is all about digging Read More
noiz Drvg Cvltvre presents: North by Northwest Another day, another dollar. Made by billion dollar companies that don't give two cents for a young orphan in Gaza, or Ghana, or Amsterdam for that matter. The industrial complex is a machine that Read More
a4218443505_10 Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band [MINDBLOWING PSYCHE- DELIA FROM THAILAND] Just saw this on my news feed and had to blog it, this is just awesome and there's even a great story behind it. Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band by Khun Narin "It all started over a year Read More
500x Drvg Cvltvre: Video killed the Soundcloud Star Since the orange goblin is transforming into a bit of a golem, taking my edits and remixes offline, I started adding video's to youtube for my new songs. Here's a bunch of new tracks. Read More
sebastian-ross-ross-ross-12 The French Touch (Part II) This article comes in two parts and was written with the precious help of Sara Stella, amazingly keen on French electro music. The first part is accessible HERE. As the movie i mentioned in the first Read More



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