960299_798546330232600_352430121227439187_n MBONGWANA STAR [FUTURE CONGO] Here's something really interesting from the Congo hailing from the ashes of Staff Benda Bilili who fuse funk, rock, rumba and vintage R&B to create a future African sound. Made up of street Read More
artworks-000108662059-5eeiim-t500x500 HERA – THE UNBORN I [Arab Metal] Female Arab metal is starting to pick up in the Arab world. There's already an all female metal band based in the UAE called Al Ain and many more are following in their steps. There's also 1 woman Read More
artworks-000108444242-i60kd7-t500x500 JOKER : THE MAINFRAME We've been loving Joker here since the beginning days but nowadays, for me, he's not quite hitting the same heights of his musical output from back then. I was really hoping for a return to form Read More
10428659_10155241941785177_8015440657519811643_n A HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICAN HOUSE Our friend and former South African correspondent blogger for Generation Bass, Greg Bowes who via Generation Bass introduced most of the world to stuff like Shangaan Electro just did this huge piece Read More
avatars-000130754829-n2vbyq-t500x500 Guvibosch : Jerusalem Bass We've told you about Guvibosch before about 6 months ago HERE! He's originally from Jerusalem but now based in Berlin. He has collaborated with Rocky B as "Neft" on an EP which we'll be releasing Read More
artworks-000108272780-uy9kk5-t500x500 De Tropen : East to Easter Mixtape Really cool booty shaking Trans Bass mixtape here by Dutch DJ De Tropen. Love the awesome artwork too! Great stuff, get listening and download! Read More
artworks-000108312069-7604bh-t500x500 #FUTURE TARRAXO : Photo Romance – Lagoa Roxa The future in #Future Tarraxo is looking very bright. Many, including me, will point to the brilliant "Perfect Lullaby" mixtape by the awesome Nguzunguzu (who once told me some years back that they Read More
avatars-000059722230-ig11fc-t500x500 Renart – Élégies An amazing producer from France whose stuff I've been into for a while now. Pure Class! "The fox is dead. Being a sly rascal, Renart confronts the fauna of the forest, and flies away like a Wyvern. Read More



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