avatars-000143381410-uxqjul-t500x500 FOX : MOUSAI DUB (FEAT. SINERISE) Nothing to do with the Tarraxo Foxes roaming around the Portuguese Bass Underground, this dude just appeared out of nowhere on Soundcloud about a day ago with a bunch of unbelievable Dubby/Electronic Read More
BANGINCLUDE TOUR2 A2 BANGINCLUDE : FREE GLOBAL BOOTY EDIT PACK & GLOBAL BOOTY EURO TOUR Our boy Banginclude will be touring for the first time in Europe from the 15th of May until the 06th of June in Italy and France. Banginclude has been with the Generation Bass family since 2011 Read More
artworks-000114901214-uk3wh7-t500x500 Tropikal Camel – Black Panther Great new release here on Tunisian label Shouka by Tropikal Camel aka Rocky B aka one half of Neft. Really interesting concept behind this release too: "Black Panther" is a journey into the Kurdish Read More
artworks-000115167253-og6xjc-t500x500 Dj Willy G – Tarraxa XuiXui [Tarraxo] SF Muzik are bringing sexy back. Great new track from DJ Willy G! Read More
avatars-000109421249-30ro63-t500x500 bblos : The New Wave of Ecuador This here, right now, is the start of the New Wave of Ecuador! Just listen to these tunes to catch a glimpse of that country's future! This dude is just damn hot, beautiful, minimalistic, feel Read More
11202956_825318814220753_5133653489678321448_n AZAR SWAN : REMIXES & NEW VIDEO One of the only rock bands that really matters in the scene atm return after their second album in 2014, the glorious Darkwave outing "And Blow Us A Kiss" with a bunch of remixes from the same release Read More
11018152_10153188424394647_4459338456160167333_n Techno Arabe Volume 1 Techno Arabe is a dark, dystopian Techno journey into the heart of the Middle East. Whereas, Arabtronix is about Bass & Electronic sounds incorporating Middle Eastern elements and Arabtek is Read More
artworks-000114649218-ghutdy-t500x500 African Champeta Mix Dope! Read More



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