EssentialEPsXIII Essential EP’s #13 More than 2 full months into 2k17 now and there are still tons of essential releases that cannot be left unblogged on Generation Bass. The stuff that has come out in the last months of 2k16 belong Read More
sexydef SEXXY SATURDAY CUMBIA – FEBRUARY Artwork by Ze Archnouf   So how are we all doing in this cold month of February? Probably freezing for some of you, but don’t worry, we have a nice & varied cumbia selection to warm Read More
pelolargo Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – January Art by Tropi Delia   As we enter 2017 to the uplifting sounds of the cumbias of the future, we have been accumulating new tropical beats with more hunger than ever before. Below is a selection Read More
a3451878846_10 CHUCK UPBEAT – LAO KICK/SHENG IT [ORIENTAL BASS] “Oriental Bass” is a subgenre, an idea born thanks to the musical experiments started in China by Howie Lee and his crew. A mixture of modern electronic music such as EDM, Future Bass, classic Read More
Cthulhu Kicking Off 2017 With The New Dark Generation 2017 will see a rise of Lovecraftian, cosmic horroresque aesthetics 2016 slipped away without a spotlight for a development in music that has come into full force over the course of this year, completely Read More
sex sat cumbia december 2016 SEXXY SATURDAY CUMBIA – DECEMBER Artwork by Tropi Delia   So this is the last post from us for 2016 ! We believe 2016 was a very hard year for some but in general Cumbia has helped us through it and gave us that big smile Read More
forestmetal “The only thing I need is HUGS” – 2016 with Dead Stare Little more than a year ago, I wrote what is possibly my most personal and emotional piece ever written on Generation Bass: the in depth interview with Dead Stare's Gergö (Hungary) and Edgar (Mexico/US) Read More
golddwu-lordofdarkworldrender Generation Bass Presents: GBMIX#11! Wu At the end of a musically confused 2016, which saw the evaporation of online aesthetic and sound hypes, our attention is shifting from avant-garde pioneers, to people who are experimenting with new Read More



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