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artworks-000077121201-kmx4mt-original Ricky Vaughn – The Art Of Moombahton Volume 3 Great new mix up from Ricky Vaughn that showcases the latest hottest things happening in Moombahton including a bunch of his own tracks, edits and remixes. Something he laid down for an FM station. Check Read More
artworks-000077236944-4wtxff-original Max le Daron – Sunshanked EP Good EP here from Mr Le Daron. Starts with one of my faves "Broken Bed Riddim" which is simply gorgeous. The rest of the EP follows in suite taking in more melodic Tarraxo, Dancehall and African Pop. Here's Read More
10015159_10152402360518169_1865804291588540005_n Hotgem – Slide into the summa mix The Head Honcho at the Hotgem label whose artists include the brilliant Atom Tree and Machines In Heaven, both Scottish Electronica bands, just layed down this glorious mix. Awesome downtempo vybz Read More
artworks-000077075445-nin330-original AGLORY : ESTHER Deep & Dark Zoukesque vybz on this number from Parisian duo Aglory. Feelin' this: Read More
SSCHappyResized Sexxy Monday Cumbia – Mega Easter Roundup Artwork: 'Cumbia!Colombian' by HiyoKinomono Easter weekends are family weekends, with always less-than-expected time to do work, like properly finishing a Generation Bass post. But the Netherlands Read More
132526_49c4a66f945774389734604c5c3035b4_large JOKER : DIGITAL MAINFRAME We've never got over our love for Joker and it was one of our highlights that we had him over at Generation Bass Festival in Holland back in 2009, he set the room alight and it was euphoric and at Read More
Music from nature Artist Diego Stocco: Music From Nature This is a fun and highly creative experiment by artist Diego Stocco that I wanted to share with the GB fam and fans, alike. It's nothing new in the world of production as we've been doing things like Read More
a0285595691_10 CVNT TRAXXX – Cannabis Kitsch Great new release here from one of Manchester's leading proponents of Bass music. I luv how 80's sounding synths are coming back in a big way and that they "still" sound so futuristic like they do Read More



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