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RockSexxY_n RockSexxY : Sex, God & FunkNRoll Mix [Prince] So my Prince Mix series continues, the greatest living artist today. Even though 2 of his mixes has possibly contributed to me losing my personal soundcloud account of 10,000 followers and half a million Read More
artworks-000085659252-17h0er-t500x500 ELO feat. Mr.Lexx-WICKED EP Hungary's premier band Irie Maffia have spawned a great Global Bass producer too in the shape of Marton Elo. Here's his brand new & wikkid EP featuring some familiar names like Jamaica's "roughest Read More
artworks-000086198553-9x56kq-t500x500 Conscious Kalling – New Awakening Remixes You get Transnational Bass and then you get more of Transnational Bass Hippy Vibe and this release falls into the latter category and contains some really good stuff and it's free and so check it out! But Read More
FOTO_GOLDEN_KONG_1 Golden Kong Golden Kong is a producer creating new models of baile funk music. He released few tracks to show for what he is comming for, because he is in another project: Arcade Fighters, producing french house Read More
IMG_7195 M. Geddes Gengras [Deep Mystical Drone] Here's a really exciting artist who sounds like the electronic equivalent of Alice Coltrane combined with a touch of early Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Vangelis and John Carpenter. Couldn't really put Read More
avatars-000050388324-efkjwn-t500x500 Afro Bro’s & MC Marquinho – Directoria Do Crime Here's a couple of dudes we've been sleeping on a bit over here but who are pretty well-known it seems. Blistering Big Room Latin House tracks that will kill the club. "Afro Bros, also known Read More
a0340401055_10 Hiatus : Precious Little This is such a beautiful track for such a heartbreaking cause. Precious Little by Hiatus I’m releasing this track to raise money for Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP), an organisation currently Read More
10349899_762020283862000_4539730594635947207_n Pós-funk: Rd da NH When I started with funk na caixa, there was a discution about the name of that style - now we call it neo baile funk. Few peoples talked about pos-funk, but we argue: man, how can we said "this is Read More



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