six_deg_logo Traveler’s “Dub The World” Mix The Six Degrees label have been at the helm of Transnational/Global Bass since the late 90's, early 2000's and they just don't get enough of the praise and credit that they deserve for it. They use Read More
artworks-000090509666-yto9p4-t500x500 New Kid On The Blog – roundup 3   Another month and another roundup. This month I've tried to again bring some diversity to my roundup with some underground remixes of mainstream hits from the likes of Rae Sremmurd or Read More
SpaceDelica Light top SpaceDelica – Light I've been meaning to do this for a while. This mix is based on one of the first ever mixes I heard that literally blew my mind and got me into dance sounds. My much older cousin (the same one who Read More
Fremont_Solstice_Parade_-_witch_doctor Kush Arora and MC ZULU – Witch Doctor: The Factory Versions featuring Searchl1te and China White 2 great new remixes of the brilliant "Witch Doctor" tune by Kush Arora. Loving the industrial vibes of both remixes and the China White remix has a fantastic Kraftwerk & 80's Electro undercurrent Read More
Remove The Stones EP INSANE FENNEL : REMOVE THE STONES ALBUM [WORLDWIDE STREAM] Worldwide stream of Insane Fennel's new album "Remove The Stones". Insane Fennel's 2nd album on Generation Bass "Remove The Stones" comes 1 year after his previous magical album "From Russia Read More
a3637226776_10 ARTHUR : Pájaros EP Yet another amazing, slept on release, WTF is going on!!! Why isn't this kinda shit doing the rounds on the blogs? Another majestic ambient, lo-fi, electronic offering that really deserves greater Read More
a0813675572_10 DOLOR : SISTER EP Seriously mind-blowing, heavily slept on release here. Wow, not sure why everybody isn't talking about this Lorn mastered/engineered EP. Taking a lot of atmospheric pointers from The Weeknd without Read More
a1765525299_10 Telemachus : In Morocco Album & ‘Locust’ Video This is def worth exploring. You can tell it's not "really" Moroccan or even something new but it mos def soaks in the atmosphere and vibes of the place. I was transported back to one of my most Read More



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