booty-jamsI was re-arranging files on the old laptop and decided to throw some of the KUDURO together in a mix for ya! here it is, about 55 minutes of bumping Angolan and Portuguese KUDURO!:


01. os lambas – aguenta barulho
02. negativo – o toke a tia
03. bruno m – estou bem lavado
04. dj bo dem – projecto x
05. dj neloy – na cadeia
06. traci – unknown
07. dj du marcel – rio zambeze
08. dj gaston junior – du sa sangue
09. dj patrick – sem maneiras
10. dj znobia – ta pio
11. unknown
12. angre diji – do milindro
13. dj tecas – bate no peito
14. os granada squad – tia maria
15. buraka som sistema – deeejay
16. dj bobo j – sentem
17. come todas – homem barroso
18. dj znobia – bisneiro
19. dj massacra – me mata

live mix by VINCE THE PRINCE, sunday March 21, 2009

4 Replies to “GENBASS presents HOT KUDURO MIX!”

  1. LOVE this mix man. Where did you get the tracks? I’d like to get hold of some them as single tracks, for mixing out myself…. x

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