GEN BASS STICKERS have arrived…!

Let me know if you want some to stick on stuff in your city and i’ll send em out! fo real!



  • Leub April 10, 2009

    would take some!

  • dub_13 April 10, 2009

    … would luv some !! … and I’ll be sure to save some for Colombia next time I’m there. How do we go about setting this up ? … peace be on ya’,keep tha’ func alive – dub_13

  • generationbass April 10, 2009

    guys, pass me your adress and i’ll send em out!

  • jon doe April 11, 2009

    how about changing the superduper ugly header as well?

  • generationbass April 11, 2009

    hahahaha, yeah might be time…

  • Kara Lewis June 23, 2010

    Send me some!

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