(image by Nidal ElKhairy, also of RAMALLAH UNDERGROUND)

Ramallah Underground, based in Ramallah, Palestine, was born from the immediacy of musical experimentation and the need to give voice to a generation of Palestinians and Arabs who face a turbulent and uncertain political landscape.

The collective was founded by artists Boikutt, Stormtrap, and Aswatt and has always held a commitment to both the honesty of their work and the need to creatively rejuvenate Arabic culture. To this end they combine music ranging from Arabic electronic music , hip-hop, trip hop to downtempo with a deep sense of their local culture and imposing presence of Palestine in their lives. The outcome is a new specific sound, which has never been heard before…

Lot of really good music RIGHT HERE

Check out this blazing track: RAMALLAH UNDERGROUND – 970


  • dj umb April 17, 2009

    Hey I know these guys :-))

    I did a gig with them on the same bill in Egypt about 2 years ago…:-))

  • top hip hop beats April 30, 2009

    top hip hop beats…

    I really like Sabrina. Her and her partner got ragged on for too much hip- hop in their cha- cha last night yet they still walked away with the highest scores of the evening. Sabrina is one of the Cheetah Girls. I’ve never watched that show(?) but I’…

  • Ashburn May 12, 2009

    Sweet! I feel like I just dug up gold 😉

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