goldHey guys & girls, we are expecting our 50.000th visitor today to GENERATION BASS!!! yeah! Not bad for a blog that’s been online for about 2 months! If we were an artist in Holland we’d get a gold records now 🙂 So leave comments! I’ll try to determine who is the 50.000th and he/she will get a special prize.

Not only a shirt, cd’s and other goodies, but also a special REMIX for you by SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE. You choose the song and you will become THE OWNER of the remix. You can decide what you want to do with it, it’s all on you baby! This remix will not be posted here (unless you want to) but can also go on your own blog/profile/whatever exclusively… So leave a comment when you drop in and WIN WIN WIN!


  • sebcat April 24, 2009

    hah, GB going blingbling.
    aim for platinum next!

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  • DJ Fructuoso April 24, 2009

    I’m here everyday waiting for that prize!

  • kd April 24, 2009

    gold is the new black

  • Perry April 24, 2009

    Six bucks & my right nut says I’m number 49.999

  • federico April 24, 2009

    =) !

  • generationbass April 24, 2009

    only 32 hits to go!!!!!!!

  • dj umb April 24, 2009

    It would be highly ironic and some peeps in the know would probably think it’s a fix if I ever happened to be the ONE!!!!..& if I was my good nature would probably have to pass it on to visitor no 50,001!!!

  • dj umb April 24, 2009

    but then again…haa.haaa

  • Tupolev Sound Crash April 24, 2009

    and the winner is…. ME!
    btw of the 50000 hits sure a 1000 are mine!

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  • Jurgen June 17, 2009

    great blog! discover about while ago before i’m visit generation bass clubnight in Tilburg. hopefully one day i’m play there also 🙂 (so good reason to promote the remix personally on GB)

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