Well, of BRIGHTON anyway! thanks MARTHA! 🙂




  • rajah May 19, 2009

    saw one of these in the bathroom at The Elbo Room in San Francisco last week. Send me some stickers and I’ll put more up around town.

  • generationbass May 20, 2009

    pass yer adress man, email us at

  • DJ ADKSHUN May 20, 2009

    ha! I stuck those up in the bathroom, I’m glad to know that they are still there! Please send me some more stickers, Vince.

  • DJ Juan Data May 20, 2009

    yeah, somebody was passing them out in Tormenta Tropical last week at the Elbo Room. I have a picture of Paul Devro and Maluca flashing those stickers.

  • DJ ADIKSHUN May 20, 2009

    P.S. I still have some photos to send you

  • djumb May 20, 2009

    Hey Juan, you are kidding right!

    If not..send on the pic man..;-))

  • DJ ADIKSHUN May 20, 2009

    I was passing them out at Tormenta Tropical. So you got those infamous pics? My camera malfunctioned just when I was trying to take some pics, or blame it on the alchohol…Send on the pic man.. 8D

  • DJ ADIKSHUN May 20, 2009

    btw…click my name/link and it’ll take you to myspace page or to see a default pic of my hina & maluca… 8)

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