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Arguably, the UK Asian Underground scene influenced the rise of the Indian electronica scene and a band that has had a major part to play in its growth is the Midival Punditz.  Comprised of New Delhi based producers Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, the Punditz have been repeatedly heralded as pioneers of a scene that has ushered in some of the freshest global music out of India.

They have just released their new, third studio album Hello Hello and the duo has successfully documented their own personal journey as artists and brought their sound into the present.

The new album features a cover of “Four Sticks” by my all-time favourite band LED ZEPPELIN and so that perked my interest in them, sky-high!

Thanks to my mate Bob Duskis, who runs the label they are signed to, SIX DEGREES, we have a little exclusive promo for you.  It’s called “Atomizer” and has been remixed by KITSUNE flavoured Elektro heads In Flagranti who give it a kickin’ Elektro Rock treatment.

Check out the full album on the Six Degrees label.

Atomizer (In Flagranti Remix)


  • Miss Blitz May 30, 2009

    Great one! Thanx for posting, gonna stick that to my page as well 🙂

  • djumb May 31, 2009

    Thanking u Miss B

  • kiran May 31, 2009

    Awesome sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))

  • […] My mate from Six Degrees, Bob Duskis, who also runs the GLOBAL NOIZE blog sent me a bunch of the latest remixes for MIDIVAL PUNDITZ’S “Atomizer” track.¬† If you recall we posted the In Flagranti remix a little while back HERE. […]

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