Tussling!! Tussling!!


Big Tuck ft Slim Thug – Tussle (Dj Equalizer and DJ Khaotic Cumbia Remix)

What’s up mangs,

A little city of syrup shuffle for you all right here.  I’m a huge Big Tuck fan, and so when I found this Cumbia remix of Tussle I was pretty psyched.  I know Vince has posted some thangs in the realm of Crunk Cumbia around here, so hopefully you enjoy this little piece of Texas Rap with accordions.

Also, don’t sleep on Houston’s Choppaholix, who do great things with screwed and chopped Cumbia and Reggaeton.


  • kowdjo August 25, 2009

    ..out here we are stoned immaculate! sweeeeeet!

  • slickrick September 30, 2009

    this is the sick shit right here big props to both dj’s keep making these cumbia tracks

  • دانة بحر November 15, 2009

    king bob

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