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Grabbed this great mash up from one of my favourite places of the moment, CRASHROOTS.

I only realized today after a few months of being in touch with one of the guys who runs it , Samim, that it’s the same SAMIM who was responsible for a track that, IMHO,  changed the face of Tech-House and introduced CUMBIA to the clubbing masses – “HEATER”.

Man I thought it was just another guy calling himself Samim and had no idea it was THE SAMIM hahahaha…

Anyway, after establishing that fact, I sent him over a nice little message paying him my RESPEK!!!  and apologising for my oversight!

Plus he tweeted RIVA STARR of all people about our Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post last Saturday:-)) Nice one Samim 😉

I’m telling you I  should be thrown into jail for at least 5 continuous life sentences cause I have serially murdered the f*** outta that “Heater” track in my DJ sets.  WHY? cause it NEVER EVER fails to deliver on the dancefloor!!!

Anyway, the dude did this fantastic mashup which contains samples from Busta Rhymes Ft. Ron Browz – Arab Money (Instrumental) (19) and Oliver $ ft. Deize Tigrona “Ta Com Medo De Mim” (Voc Mix) (17), released on Funk Mundial #7).

Check it out, I love it….



A second wave of the Arabic Club Beats Revolution is on it’s way (and I might just have an instrumental part to play in that).



  • Vince Millett September 9, 2009

    Interesting. Must dust off those Arabic sample CDS and get to work on some tunes…..

  • scattermish September 9, 2009

    on the note of samim’s heater, my boy lewis cancut did a cumbia track that uses the same classic sample:

  • tupolev sound crash September 9, 2009

    curious to hear about that, and not the average belly dance techno or lounge ‘n’ dub old fashioned trip hop in an arab style… i’m still quite satisfied with some original gnawa or 12/8 time chaabi!! for the latter check out 2 mindblowing compilations by dj chemssy called maroc paradise 1&2 available thru itunes!
    we need more 12/8 on the dancefloor, producers! after the butts high backwards on kuduro, now the belly straight forward and the nuts low on chaabi!

  • djumb September 9, 2009

    yeahhhhh man……now you’re talkin’ my lanuguage….which is not arabic btw…lol :-))

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