We’re having a momentous week @ Generation Bass and guess who’s coming to dinner, yes DJ CLEO decides to drop his new mix album, Es Khaleni Unit 5, this week of all weeks.

DJ Cleo is from Johannesburg, Afreaka and he first came to our attention via a post on the Mad Decent blog by Diplo.

Here’s what his press release says:

DJ Cleo has been the most upfront, significant, and influential dance music producer in South Africa for the last six years at least, having repeatedly proven himself with House, Kwaito and Hip-hop productions for such prodigies as Brickz, Pitch Black Afro, Mzekezeke, Brown Dash, Mandoza, Kabelo and Skwatta Kamp, as well as having done some work on the Tsotsi soundtrack.

Of particular importance is that DJ Cleo wholly owns an independent record label called Will Of Steel Productions, something that by all accounts, considering the overly competitive South African music business (with odds stacked in favor of major recording companies), requires astute entrepreneurship and hard work bordering on slavery. 

DJ Cleo is not only a producer but also an internationally acclaimed disc jockey.  He often has to exhibit his skills in music capitals of the world such as the USA and Europe, where he has performed with the biggest names in the industry.

The current (2007) release, Eskhaleni Phase 4 (the fourth installment under his own name), is considered a new and important benchmark in the dance music scene, and the common consensus amongst critics and consumers alike is that it will be very hard, if not impossible to beat the effort that has gone into producing such a massive and forward-looking album.



  • DUBBEL DUTCH September 22, 2009

    so it is dropping? where should i look for it? when things like this drop i pick them up.

  • DUBBEL DUTCH September 22, 2009

    also where do you get the tracks unmixed? hehe… so hard to pin down.

  • djumb September 22, 2009

    Hey man best bet is to click on DJ Cleo on the post which will direct you to his website where you can purchase his stuff 🙂

  • Jimmy October 4, 2009

    DJ Cleo is big, but Es’khaleni Unit 5 was released couple months ago. It has been nominated for SAMA in May 2009 🙂

    Album is fantastic. So much better than Es’khaleni Phase 4.

    Look at new videos on DJ Cleo’s youtube channel. “E’skhaleni 6 out now” 🙂

    Good blog. Could you write more about kwaito?

  • Ignacia Barette April 13, 2010

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