Just dropped this mix today after CELT ISLAM sent me a bunch of new unreleased tracks last night and requested that I drop a mix with them.

So I did a few hours ago ๐Ÿ™‚

The material includes the first ever worldwide streaming of a remix by the SUFI DUBSTARS, me and Celt.ย  It might be the first ever QAWWALI DUBSTEP track to grace this planet.ย  This remix is coming out next month on the Earthsync label.

Don’t forget Celt’s album DERVISH is out on release right now and can be picked up from the Urban Sedated Records website alongside the usual online and physical outlets.

As the mix contains exclusive unreleased material, I’m afraid it’s STREAM only!ย  ๐Ÿ™

And if you don’t know who RUMI is, check him out!




The music is Swirling & the dervishes are Whirling!

Unreleased Music by Celt Islam & feat, a worldwide exclusive stream of a track by the “SUFI DUBSTARS” (Celt Islam & DJ UMB)….perhaps, the first ever QAWWALI DUBSTEP track!

Recorded Live on Pioneer CDJ 1000MKII & DJM600! One cut/first take-un-mastered!

1. Raqs Al Maghreb (UMB live sample drop version) – Celt Islam feat. Dawoud Kringle
2..Mureed – Celt Islam
3. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde โ€“ Celt Islam
4. For who Jah bless โ€“ Celt Islam
5. Wahddaat Ul Wajood โ€“Celt Islam
6. Al Jihad โ€“ Celt Islam feat. Dawoud Kringle
7. Sufi Dub โ€“ Celt Islam
8. Pressure โ€“ Celt Islam
9. Presence โ€“ Celt Islam
10.Time is coming – Celt Islam feat. DanMan
11.Ya Allah โ€“ (Sufi Dubstars feat. Dawoud Kringle RmX) – Layah Project (SUFI DUBSTARS are Celt Islam & DJ UMB)


  • Lowdjo November 18, 2009

    pinch made a great qawwali-dubstep track some years ago, great interpretation.. has been in my collection ever since!

  • djumb November 18, 2009

    AND SO HE DID TOO..thanks for that mate….do you have it, any chance you could send me some tracks?

  • Lowdjo November 18, 2009

    unfortunately only have the vinyl copy of this, what tracks you’d like? ;-))

  • ghandi November 18, 2009

    Great showcase for the new album, I need this cd!

    I beg to differ, but I think the first qawwali dubstep track was ‘Kaise Guzar Rahi Hai’ by The Dub Factory. From 1998! It’s in this mix:

  • ghandi November 18, 2009

    Forgot to ask, is the last tune gonna get a release? It’s rather large!

  • andykisaragi November 18, 2009

    i gots a 160 of it on its way to the GB inbox as i type

  • djumb November 19, 2009

    Thanks guys, yes I think you’re most def right, it’s NOT the first Qawwali dubstep…not that I bothered to look to find out if there was any but I had a feeling some people might put me right about this…so thanx…..

    @Lowdjo, thanks for the link mate

    @ Andy, thanks too mate

    @Ghandi, so nice for you to grace us with your presence, hahahaha..thanks again mate, will check out that link :-))

  • ghandi November 23, 2009

    Umb, I just realised you put together one of my favourite compilations, the Beginners Guide to Bellydance. I built this mix around it:

    Thank you. Seriously. And I’m vexed I didn’t find this blog sooner!

  • djumb November 23, 2009

    Nice, do you have a download link?

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