Sexxy Saturday Cumbia 2 : the inka underground

feliz28Tons of tourist go to machu picchu and they bring back home their peruvian pics and hats but just few bring music 🙁

Generation bass gives you some of the underground electro-peruvian sound!

la mente is one of the coolest band from peru, a dissident style sorta Asian dub foundation but with peruvian sound!

i love their live performance!

Another band from Peru  is ERTIUB, they’re more experimental, although keep the peruvian afro-sound in their sound

and their album is free, you can find it in the band’s website

here’s ovatsug! a really new guy who wants to break thru in the lima’s electronic scene! i really dig his stuff!!
la rana grunche by ovatsug

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  • tupolev sound crash November 28, 2009

    and this band is cool too, chicha libre from brooklyn, nice blend of surf and psychedelic cumbia

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