Experimentation is vital for every genre, and cumbia is not exception!! Coming from Colombia,  i didn’t expect to find the most extravagant cumbia ensemble here in Canada!!! and they call that DOOMBIA!!

They are Huelepega Soundsystem (glue sniffers)..and we had them b4 here on GB!!

Mysterious Dj’s and percussionist who give cumbia a twisted sound..

And i had the pleasure to play with that DOOMBIA extravanza!!

Well, they are working in their new album, which i can’t wait to hear, and perhaps to work with 😉

This is one of those bands that their record not necessarily reflect what you see live…they’re insane!!

They gently have given us their first one AMOR DOOMBIAMBERO!! for FREE!!!

Sabor de la Cumbia by HuelepegaSoundSystem

and this classic!!
Santo Landero by HuelepegaSoundSystem

here you can download AMOR DOOMBIAMBIERO

The tracklist:

01 – First Revival    4:30
02 – Huelepega vs Chicken    4:18
03 – La Culebra    2:31
04 – Santo Landero    6:15
05 – Icee Cumbia    2:25
06 – Huelepega vs Karol y su Amor Gitano     3:22
07 – Sabor de la Cumbia    3:19
08 – Campañero Doombiambero  – Huelepega vs Aniceto Molina  3:06
09 – Huelepega vs Sonido Martines (Brooglinnuevajork)    2:42
10 – Huelepega vs Sonido Martines – We Corazon You Martines    3:17
11 – Huelepega vs Dubchaman (El Diablo)     5:09


  • Emiliano December 11, 2009

    Chingonass esas Mezclas !!!
    El Hijo de la Cumbia
    EmayoCutz !

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