Global Bullerengue

Songoro Cosongo

Founded in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, the band is made up of musicians from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile and thus what they play is a mixture of Brazilian music, Latin rythms, Reggae and Jazz.

listen to some SANCOCHO (jazz, bossa-cumbia)

a sweet track merengue.. sorta bullerengue that reminds me to la mojarra electrica‘s bandeja con pollo

download the album here

And the amazing Mojarra Electrica!!

This band creates a new sound taking traditional afrocolombian music (Bullerenge, currulao, cumbia) as ground zero, mixingit with Soukus, Ragga, Reggae Timba cubana, Funk and Jazz. Their music is the A-BOMB and the coolest part is these guys have never lost the critical direction of their lyrics.

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