Dominican prodigy boy stops by GB n drops a BOMB!!

Munchi is a 20 year old dominican living in Rotterdam. This guy like most of the Caribbean young Dj’s began with reggeton, because who wasn’t obsessed with it over there.

When he started making reggaeton, like many of us, used to analyze the dembow by listening it for days on replay.

Later the same thing with baile funk’s tamborzao…then he spread to all bunch of good stuff.  Let me put it this way it has to sound with emotion, or very sexual, or raw n filthy, or cheap, or lots of bass, or authentic, or original or just all of it…and he plays it!!!

NOW a peek of HIS WORK!!

2. Ruas De Grecia

and this one (using danca do patinho with some cumbia/vallenato beat)

8. Colombia Montagem know..we ain’t put bullsh*t my fellow people


cuz it is awesome!!!


1. Bota Dedim Pro Alto
2. Ruas De Grecia
3. Vira A Cara Pra Parede
4. Chamada 0906-Putaria
5. Cachorrada
6. Pikachu Anthem
7. Seducao Montagem
8. Colombia Montagem
9. Baile Pega Fogo
10. Ex e Sempre Ex
11. Coracão Apaixonado
12. Mojito Montagem


  • Jim January 28, 2010

    top notch!

  • […] This one is from young Dominican dude Munchi living in Rotterdam. He is one of the few producers outside of Brazil making Funk Carioca close to the real style, but with sense for western production. Check it here. […]

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