Pepepe is one of the founders of geekcore a label for home made electronica;
he’s from mexico and he does sum serious work with 3 projects
pepepe, pesina miller and los Amparito; this last one is a folklore tribute to mexican folklore!!!
Los Amparito – Las Miradas De Magaly by pepepe

minimal stuff from pesina siller


Pepepe РJacinto Cenobio (feat. Cyan̩) from carlos pesina on Vimeo.

And as PEPEPE he does sum wicked tunes!!!pura FYAH!!!!!!
Fauna – El Gauchito Gil (Pepepe Remix) by pepepe

Animal collective got cumbianized into a pepepe form
Animal Collective – Brothersport (Los Amparito – hermano deporte mix) by pepepe

Make sure u click on Pepepe myspace to download their awesome album for FREE!!!

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