YummY..take off your hat n’ hoddie

this post has:
WICKED MUSIC…FREE SONGS…what better than this?
please…..touch me at the blue mosque..lol
So Shifty/Die Vögel/Beware&Motorpitch – Touch Me At The Blue Mosque (Mashup) by HatnHoodie

who bring this?
OUR HOMIE HAT N HOODIE who has the wickest blog in Germany

he doesnt just blog.. he drops massive tunes..
Major Lazer x Untold – Anaconda Pon De Floor (Hat&Hoodie Mashup) by HatnHoodie

His Ayoba is sick!!
Schlachthofbronx – AYOBA! (Hat&Hoodie Remix) by HatnHoodie

and i dont even want to describe this cuz is soooooooooooooooooooo good!!
Out To Rave by HatnHoodie

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