Rhythm Premiere: Flamenco-Step

Flamenco guitars and dubstep!!!

Flamenco step!!! Some Spanish flavor is what the dubstep needed!!

Caballo & TMFK do one good approach to this with a ragga vox! Grab it for free!! only 10 free spots i guess!!

Caballo & TMFK- Flame n Co by caballo

This one has one of the sickest basslines i’ve done with another ragga vox too!!! FREE!! o’course my horse!!


Caballo & TMFK- Raggatarra by caballo

This one is Flamenco-Fusion also called AFRO RUMBA!! Al Lindrum feat Jaleo Rea

Corazon Inspirado by LoveAvalanche/Al Lindrum

Flamenco step by Dany C

Flamenco! by danny c

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  • Flamenco Fan December 7, 2010

    In dieser ganz besonderen Zeit freuen wir uns, all jenen einen Gruss zu senden, deren Freundschaft und Wohlwollen wir schaetzen. At this special time of year, it´ s a pleasure to greet those friendship and goodwill are so deeply appreciated.

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