SOUNDAMERICA VOL 12 Selected by Sumergido


If what you believe from Latin America is (only) about an eternal summer, passionate rhythms or an infinite party, this compilation came to show you another side of the L.A. musical scene. Here, you will not find topics.



Sumergido is Nicolas Aguero, an electronic music producer from Buenos Aires and the musical selector at Soundamerica volume 12.In the past Sumergido remixed Latin American big names both from mainstream and underground scene as Gustavo Cerati, El Remolon, Estupendo, Daniel Melero, Franco Cinelli and more, and released on such different labels as Sinergy Network, Tropic, Yuki Yaki, Aeronautique, Pueblo Nuevo, Deepindub and Hipi Duki Muzik.Expect field recordings, experimental electronics, unknown landscapes and small brilliant gems: Manrico Montero, Pablo Reche, Profissional do Sexo, Paul Lek, Audy, Emmerinchk, Tinnitus, Alisu and Sumergido himself.The enigmatic and evocative cover illustration was made by Carlos del Rio, master designer and visual artist from Mar del Plata.

Welcome on board!

Have a nice trip through Soundamerica.

SOUNDAMERICA vol.12 selected by Sumergido

1.TRAIN NRO4_Manrico Montero
2. OTAMENDI _Pablo Reche
3.DELL.TREE_Profissional do Sexo
4. ALTAMAR_Pablo Lek
11.AUSTRAL_Gastón Arevalo

Music selected by Sumergido

Artwork by Carlos Del Rio

Produced and released by Hipi Duki Muzik.
Presented by Generation Bass.

Creative Commons License_
April, 2010.


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