The Calavera de Miss Bolivia

Today’s MENU:

Cumbia roots and the Future first lady of Latin sound!! In case you don’t know too much about cumbia and their original sounds..from 50’s, 60’s and some 70’s!

Cafe de Calaveras drops a Cumbia Classics !! Short Mixtape!!

CumbiaColombiana by CafedeCalaveras

Our next guest is from Argentina, but her name is Miss Bolivia

What can I say about her? perhaps M.I.A meets La Mala rodriguez? SIIIII…In case you like Bomba Estereo!!!

..Then you’re gonna love Miss Bolivia!!!

THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOMBA’S AND MISS BOLIVIA’S FLOW IS THE SPEED, CLEVERNESS OF CONTENT, And Versatility of Styles from Miss Bolivia compared to the well known Bomba.


She bangs the Dancefloor soooooooooo good!!
Cabeza! 011 – Miss Bolivia – Remixes – 2010 by Cabeza!

Alta Yama- Cumbia dembow!!
ALTA YAMA ft ALI GUAGUA by miss bolivia

4 Replies to “The Calavera de Miss Bolivia”

    1. li voice is great! but we ain’t talking about her voice..but versatility, lyrical content, speed of flow, etc.. btw miss bolivia and Li..
      I dig Bomba estereo.. i mean..I’m Colombian!! Bomba is the shit! but we need to be objective at some point, although in music, IT IS ALL RELATIVE..

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