Cavalaska is a really cool dude making Dubstep from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Most of his tracks on Soundcloud state that they’re unfinished but they sound great to me 🙂

He goes for a dark, melodic feel with lots of interesting changes throughout the tracks and at times punctuated with violin & orchestral stabs, LOVE IT!

He’s been kind enough to do an xclusive mixtape for us here @ Generation Bass which is a killer made up of all his own tracks.

Stream it here:

MIXTAPE for by cavalaska

Download it here

Half Hour mix tape…..Only my tracks….Hope u like!!! Big Up From Brazil!

Track List:
1- Searching for Redemption (Unsigned)
2- All Around Us (Monkey Dub Recording)
3- Samba Groove (Unsigned)
4- Back in Time (Unsigned)
5- Feel It (Monkey Dub Recording)
6- Self Distortion (Unsigned)
7- Deep (Unsigned)


Here’s what he says about himself:

Follow me

Im a brazillian Dubstep producer, big fan of Hardcore/jungle and 10 years ago Drum’n’Bass lol…. i also organize with my brothers a monthly charity party, charging just 1kg of non-perishable food…..

The event name is QUEBRANDO A FOME (BREAKING THE HUNGER) … U can check out the last partys video



Stream more of his tracks:

Cavalaska – All Around Us (Other unfinished mix) by cavalaska

Cavalaska – Are You Dead ? (Unfinished) by cavalaska

Cavalaska – Feel It ( original Mix) (unsigned) by cavalaska

Cavalaska – Nega do Bordel (mix zero)[ZyonMusic} by cavalaska

Cavalaska – Every Thing but Normal (original mix) by cavalaska


  • Cavalaska May 16, 2010

    Thx for the opportunity brother!!! Big Up From Brazil!!!

  • Olash May 17, 2010

    Cavalaska artist’s page :

  • dj umb May 17, 2010

    Seems like you guys sign almost everything that we you ought to give us some credit too for finding you your artists..!!

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