“Moombahton,” which is essentially Dutch house screwed down to sound like reggaeton’s weird little cousin

Our good bro’ has been keeping an eye on the rise of this sub-genre and also previously explained how Moombahton was createed.

If you missed that, then you can find out again HERE.

Grab these tracks from the originator too:

Promo Only! Download here:
(Right Click “Save Target As”)

1. Dave Nada – Moombahton
2. Dave Nada – Riverside (Moombahton Edit)
3. Dave Nada – Seductive Sound (Moombahton Edit)
4. Dave Nada – Ruffcut (Moombahton Edit)
5. Dave Nada – Ruffcut (Moombahton Dub)

READ a great interview about it on the FADER HERE!

What I love about it, is the propensity to mix it up with Cumbia BUT I’ve never played it out and so unsure how it’s likely to go down but I reckon it would go down well man cause it’s got a funky hypnotic groove!

Also grab these tracks too:


Noch that Moombahton (Rishi Bass BK Fire) by moombahtron

Get Stupid (Redlights Remix) by moombahtron


Snoop & Cudi – That Tree (tha 1 who Trevs remix feat. K-0TiC Couture) please vote at link below! by tha 1 who Trevs

French Fries – Coconut Bora Bora (Melo Moombahton Edit) by azdjmelo

Fried Toy Moombahton (Slap & Dash Moombahton Edit) by Mu-Gen

Turn that shit up (Moombahton Edit) by Mu-Gen

Konstruction Karma Qu (Moombahton Edit) by Mu-Gen

Khattabi Boombah VOCAL (Moombahton Neotérico) by Neoteric

Hey Got Lines (Moombahton Neotérico) by Neoteric

Reached its limit. Heres a mediafire link


  • tha 1 who Trevs May 29, 2010

    Yo! Thanks for linking my track! even though it’s not moombahton proper, i do think it has sonic similarities. Glad you liked it!

  • 'duk May 29, 2010

    Terrific post guys! Thanks from all of us hardcore ‘bah-ton fans and MoombaHeads. Superb timing, too. “Ay tan sucia!”


  • Rob Pollinate May 29, 2010

    Ooo…I recognise that pic! Aztecs on Acid! 🙂 that was a big rave! Big up Neon Skullz!

  • Munchi May 30, 2010


  • Redmonk June 2, 2010

    Nice post, thanks for all the tracks. Played some Moombahton stuff at a few parties around Ireland the last few weeks and it just kills it every time!!! More of this I say!

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