Our South African "correspondent" ( sounds good don't Dexterity just did this great post on some more South African music.The problem though was that he buried some awesome shiit deep inside the post where it's likely to escape your attention.So I thought it was begging to be brought Read more [...]


Things have been a little quiet on the South African music front of late - and that's because it's being drowned out by the sound of vuvuzelas! The World Cup is in town and that means football fever is sky high, and the biggest bass rumblings are the ones emanating from stadiums...So here are some Read more [...]


Look at me... 3rd coloumn, 5th from the bottom amongst a LEGENDARY line-up!!!!!!!Surprised, yeah, so am I keep being told I shouldn't be but I can't help it.This remarkable line-up includes 2 of my top 5 artists of all time!  PRINCE and also JOHN PAUL JONES from LED ZEPPELIN who is Read more [...]

Drum n Bass anyone?

What's DnB up to? Well.. i feel like every single expands, evolves, and gets more mature.These are great tunes i have been "collecting" for the past months.. Some of them are not Free, that is the main reason i hadn't posted before..ED RUSH!! si si.. ED RUSH!! Ed Rush - Arcadia Read more [...]


Elite Force comes back with some Elite hotness again in the form of a revamp  of a Midnight Juggernauts track.Here's what the main man himself says: Several months back now, I ran a little competition on my Facebook Page ( ) to ask for suggestions on new tracks Read more [...]


Our very own prodigy Munchi is back and here's what he has to say about this GREAT new Moombahton EP:I have experimented alot with it by mixing with various genres.  Letting you hear a little bit of one of the new directions with the Ambient Dubstep mixed with Moombahton on my remix of Dubbel Dutch's Read more [...]


Based in Brasília and São Paulo, CRIOLINA is a weekly event that's been around for five years, where resident DJs and artists from all over the world get 2gether to show some of the electronic and new brazilian "bass music".On the dancefloor, these guys present a blend of brazilian and worldwide Read more [...]


[Big Up 2 a FB friend for the image inspirations -Cooky Crystina Chaïnsaw] DubSTeP Monday Dancers: 1. Tim Turbo 2. NüShu 3. J K G [Dubstep] 4. Glÿph Dubstep 5. HavocNdeeDsounD 6. Droid Sector 7. d-Queue 8. Broke - NTIM TURBOI'm sure this is the first Dubstep I've heard from our German homie, Read more [...]

Boom Shakalaka: Baltik Bass!!

Baltik Bass!!i have to admit..i know nothing much about electronic nordic, scandinavian scene...but i do know about their folk thanks to metal.. and i DO know about metal as much as about GenBass anyway.. i got this great stuff to share with you guys!!🙂 DJ Emil vs. Kiharakolmio - Riddim Read more [...]