Time for some focus on British cut-up dub pioneer Muslimgauze, who hasn’t been featured much on GB up to know. We of Rebel Up! have been digging deep into Muslimgauze for over 10 years. Time for some brushing up your gauze with some new releases from the archives!

Muslimgauze’s music dwells between the borders of the industrial dub and the fringes of the dubstep scene, where he shared the early analog dub times with likeminded artists such as  Scorn (Mick Harris of ex-Napalm Death) and The Rootsman.  Some of the older folks here will still remember Muslimgauze’s heavy sound and you can’t deny his subtle influence on eclectic dubstep producers like Shackleton, Ramadanman and perhaps even Burial. Between the mid 80’s up to 1999 Muslimgauze (aka Bryn Jones from Manchester), made over 100(!) prolific releases of Middle Eastern spheres containing a mash of dubbed undertones, cut ups, roughness and distorted beats. Although he wasn’t a practising Muslim, he was inspired bu the Muslim identity which mostly was the focus of his music. Many political themes were included into his releases, especially the Palestinian cause of which he was a passionate supporter. Jones was an endless producer and pioneer of experimental dubs and his sudden end came way too soon. On the 14th of january 1999, he sadly passed away from a rare fungal blood disease after having battled it for 2 weeks in the hospital.

If you want to find out more about him and his music, you can best read the extensive wikipedia page about him or check the Muslimgauze main site.

The reason of this post is 2 fresh releases which have been dusted off from the archives and brought to life by the folks of the Muslimgauze fan site by starting a label named MUSLIMTAPES.

First up, the free MUSLIMTAPE 01, titled ‘Wish of the Flayed”, containing some nicely roughed up Arabic dubs which you canFULLY DOWNLOAD HERE!

Next up, the latest MUSLIMTAPE02 titled ‘Babylon Iz Iraq’. This is not a free release, but a nicely crafted limited one (see pic below) which actually already sold out on the fan site though you can still buy at Soleilmoon.

Especially for Generation Bass, we got one free track from ‘Babylon’:
Muslimgauze – Untitled 1

and here an amazingly warped promo video made for the album, wowza!

Muslimgauze – Babylon Iz Iraq from Sylvain Bourjac on Vimeo.

till next guest post!

Rebel Up! Seb


  • zhao June 1, 2010

    thanks Seb!

  • Rebel Up Seb June 1, 2010

    thanks for appreciating it Leo!

  • process June 2, 2010

    Good post Seb. I remember his passing. MG was running things then and still would be today.

  • Lowdjo June 3, 2010

    Awesome, love muslimgauze.. have the whole backcatalogue (approx. 12GB) for sale… for the highest bidder! 😉

  • Ta'avah June 17, 2010

    This is great! I still listen to his stuff, simply brilliant.

  • Vince Millett November 20, 2010

    Excellent post – and here’s one we wrote a while back about a tune I’d come across, Mossad Killed Bryn Jones.

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