Our South African “correspondent” ( sounds good don’t Dexterity just did this great post on some more South African music.

The problem though was that he buried some awesome shiit deep inside the post where it’s likely to escape your attention.

So I thought it was begging to be brought out more into the limelight ands so here it is, thanks to Dexterity a.k.a Greg 😉

This is Shangaan Electro and IMHO it’s shiiit hot.  We heard about this in SA but did not get to actually hear any until now!


  • Dexterity July 1, 2010

    Thanks for bringing this to (more) light umb – I’ve never heard music like this in my life – strange, different and brilliant – and I couldn’t believe it was happening right on my back doorstep!

  • vince July 1, 2010

    good shit man, like an african version of FOOT WORK!

  • Idris July 1, 2010

    The dance moves are INCREDIBLE! Where can little Canadians get their hands on this stuff? It shimmers.

  • primeau July 1, 2010

    Honest Jon’s actually have a compilation of Shangaan Electro just out…

  • dj umb July 1, 2010

    Yeah this is some hot shiiit…found out about the comp on Honest Jon’s yesterday and today they got in touch with….

    Yeah Vince it is xactly like an African version of footwurk BUT fuckin’ million times better…lmao…

    I’d try mixing it with Footwurk & Barefoot !

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  • Kush Arora July 27, 2010

    wow, this is fucking amazing guys. i’ve been learnign/trying experimental patterns with collision in ableton with these types of afro patterns and hearing and seeing this is just a fuckign inspiration to the max!!!!!!!!!!
    how can i get a hold of these dudes…jesus. thsi blows chicago juke and footwork to bits.

  • Lidsville July 30, 2010

    Anyone know the same of the Shangaan song in the second video?

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  • nozinja October 4, 2010

    hi chief,the name of the second video is TSHE-TSHA

  • Alberto Arias June 17, 2011

    Fun & Tasty !!
    Africa has much to say

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