Joropo : Latin American Folklore


Months ago I posted about Contemporaneous Latin America folklore
and I talked about guabina, bambuco and pasillos.

However, one of the rhythms I haven’t posted too much on is JOROPO!!

Let’s start with a Great one..that perhaps some people missed.. it is a MUST HEAR!! ( in case you haven’t)

Pajarillo by Recoveco

If you haven’t heard about Joropo.  The Joropo is played with the arpa llanera (harp), bandola, cuatro, and maracas (ibid), making use of polyrhythmic patterns, especially of hemiola, and alternation of 3/4 and 6/8 tempos.

My favorite Venezuelan Band King Chango Brujeria hehehehe Best Song Ever!!(Materafun larolle… A como umbara Elegua)

And if we are going to put some Joropo..
Venezuelan must be proud of having Carlos Orozco Aka Metralleta!!
I dunno a lot about joropo..but i’m sure he is one of the best in the planet!!

I truly hope you guys start looking for fresh sounds of these amazing rhythms and evolve ’em..I will… and let u how it goes..

Joropo is Amazing!!

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