Ok, the post ain’t as African as the above image may seem to suggest but I enjoy f****** with yo’ minds!

Plus I like the pic and you know I should be sitting on a throne like that cause I feel regal

Besides, I’m not gonna post so called “World Music” to go with that image cause that’s exactly what you would xpect!!!



These girls always cause some controversy whenever I post their stuff.

They recently won a DJ Comp with Let’s Mix, can’t quite remember what it led to but they got bigged up by established DJ Superstars in the scene like Swedish House Mafia (yeah I know SHM are a bit naff but you can’t knock em’ for being established) and some others.

Anyway, the twins are doing good and that’s great to hear.

Here they are with a great nu mix that you can download and some fresh & hott tracks that you can stream!

MayaVanya – Panama! by MayaVanya

MayaVanya and Magik J – Kokoš‎ Fiesta by MayaVanya

MayaVanya Sounds like Summer mix by MayaVanya



Here’s some amazzing nu shiit I discovered from Lima, Peru recently.  a new name to add to your Generation Bass list of firsts.

Elegante & La Imperial Feat.Xzibit – Piensalo by Elegante

Elegante & La Imperial – Lundu Lando(Afrostep) by Elegante

Horoscopos de Durango-2 Locos (Elegante Imperial remix) by Elegante



Alongside new names we like add a sprinkling of established Generation Bass GodFathers, here’s Stereo’ as usual!

Destinys child rmx by stereotyp ©

Jukebox by stereotyp ©



Another new amazing discovery from San Fran, anybody for some Cha Cha Cha and Electro-Swing :-)

Delachaux jumped out of his tree years ago flippin’ vinyl all over San Francisco’s neo-burlesque underbelly with lascivious sets that swirled everything from Weimar Berlin and glitchy mambo to torch-lit tiki and electro-swing steamcrunk. His intoxicating ‘burlectro’ style of pouring exotic orchestrations over a barrage of saucy beats has made him one of San Francisco’s most unique DJ/producers and the sonic maestro behind such annual West Coast galas as Tease-O-Rama and the Edwardian Ball. He can also be found cranking victrolas at such Bay Area fandangos as Louche, Kinky Salon, and Bohemian Carnival.

Safarachi by delachaux



1. Dipso Calypso – Buscemi
2. Some Like It Hot – Club des Belugas
3. Bad Boy Good Man – Tape Five
4. Dragons – Caravan Palace
5. Libella Swing – Parov Stelar
6. Make My Music (Zodiac Cartel Remix) – Emanul Kosh
7. Sugar – Parov Stelar
8. Touch My Horn (Crookers Remix) – Jesse Rose
9. Clown The Raper – Santiago Nino
10. Coco Bongo – DJ Ellroy
11. Jump In The Line (FeatureCast Remix) – Harry Belafonte
12. Ain’t All That Bad – DJ Ellroy
13. What’s That Sound (Kick Oh Remix) – Young Nutz
14. Why Don’t You – Gramophonedzie
15. Bambous – Caravan Palace
16. Every Little Star (Cheese & Pickle Remix) – Rufus White



Lovin’ this track and that cover above is so funny, especially that guy to the xtreme right with the specs on man..lmao..wot a face man!

Proyecto uno – Pumpin (Marateka pump Remix) by maratekatropical

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