The Campesino Dj!! Jairo Mendez

jairo mendez
One of the best exponents of the New Venezuelan National Folklore began his artistic career in 1983 in the town of La Grita, Tachira.
As a real country person..or as we call it in spanish: a real campesino; he was in touch with tropical music while harvesting..

He wrote to me many times, but he never finished his emails..and i never checked his tunes.

the reason?
he was writing from a CAFE INTERNET!!! and he ran out of time in the middle of the email..

Later when he sent me his first song i was amazed!!
i asked him: how u make music in the middle of nowhere?
-I have a dj console and a computer i bought in a Pawn shop- he replied– i got it when the cops arrested a drunk disc jockey from Radio Perola in a bikini contest and it was used as the bail!!!!

Its recordings got heard by the prestigious company Super Tamarindo C.A. a Production Label recognized in venezuelan popular country music,
I want to introduce you this young popular music producer who has been in majestic “campesinos” events participating as Dj in both Colombia and Venezuela.
Cumbia of the tiger!!
Intergalactic Cumbia of the tiger (mr. ioso y jairomendez) by jairomendez

cumbia gorilla!!

Cumbia Gorilla by jairomendez


Berry watta berry – JairoMendez Refixxx by jairomendez

She´s a homeless
She´s a homeless – Jairomendez by jairomendez

This 80’s cumbia-tropical Classic gets the jungle rmx!!
Pagarás – dubjungle refixxx (Jairo Mendez rmx) by jairomendez


  • pedro infame July 29, 2010

    this post made my day!!! amazing!!!

  • Fish Finger July 29, 2010

    what a story!

  • vince July 29, 2010

    caballo! get me these tunes man, i want to play them in my sets!-vince

  • Radek July 29, 2010


    Where can I buy a track “Cumbia of the tiger!!”

    Greetings from Poland

  • caballo July 29, 2010

    Hey! Next week we will bring Jairo Mendez FREE EP!! so just keep watching Genbass!!!

  • elektor July 29, 2010

    new talent :: massiv support to jairo !!

    o mostro do dos kabezasss

  • Munchi July 31, 2010

    when i saw this post i was so happy lol!!
    this dude got some tunessssssss
    whooo caballo does it againnn haha!!

  • House of DON Productions July 31, 2010

    Crohn’s and Colitis…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  • dj umb August 4, 2010

    last track is an amazzzing of the bunch!.

    Well done Caballo & wot a story!

    This is what Generation Bass is all about man…unearthing the “quiet ones” 🙂

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