Exclusive and World Premiere album for Generation Bass! PIELMANTRA!


I have the wonderful opportunity to share with you guys..one of the most interesting Bands I’ve heard from Colombia!
Some already know their name, which appeared in Latino Resiste Vol 1.
For others it will be unknown.
The guys from PIELMANTRA!!

Exclusive and World Premiere for Generation Bass!

Original sound people… think of something like… if the actual asian dub foundation (the most rock influenced) instead of tabla-and south-asian sounds, had Colombian folklore, and reggae influences, but with like many bands (pendulum, Skindred, power of trinity, La imposible) it is difficult to know where the electronic-organic begins and the groove/rock starts (pielmantra doesn’t use secuences per se) .. but there is always an air of ragga and folklore that makes the band to get this very original sound.

An A+ of this band is: Their live performances are even better!

The last track of the album and also this album’s name: Pielmantra_Candelastyle (right click n save)


Princesa del Color: Arab-Latin Ragga
Princesa del Color by Pielmantra
Pachamama: it has an electro-ragga groove and sorta asian guitar with very good pro-environment message.
La Pachamama by Pielmantra
Boquita paranoica: Electro-Cumbe, with very good rocker vibe with dope lyrics .. very directly to those who just opened their mouth to say stupid things!
Boquita Paranoica by Pielmantra

Download Link<

Super Recommended from Colombia!

I have seen original colombian stuff such as Ultrageno , Cabuya, and even Morfonia which disappeared in time or just split.
Pielmantra, in my opinion, has all the elements that these bands have .. a particular sound, a “je ne sais quoi” in their composition, and very good lyrics.

Thanks to Pielmantra for allowing free distribution of their music


  • Fernando Torres Marin July 30, 2010

    ¡Es una gran banda colombiana! Sigan así, yo se que les esperan cosas grandes.

  • Gux July 30, 2010

    great¡¡¡very good rocker vibe from south america***thanks for this music¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Jorge July 30, 2010

    Pielmantra rules! Abrazos desde colombia!

  • Alexa July 30, 2010

    great band!!! Colombian talent

  • juam July 31, 2010

    que chimba buena la piel mantra sonido revolucion

  • JF July 31, 2010




  • mauricio henao August 2, 2010

    buena piek mantra rock evolucion

  • Felipe August 4, 2010

    Muy buen sonido..
    buenas percusiones Juan
    suerte en todo,,

  • RED'S August 8, 2010

    Muy buena Banda..!!!! Exitos totales

  • natfatina August 19, 2010

    Que orgullo PIELMANTRA
    IM so proud of this band from Colombia !!!
    They have a great sound !!!

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