MAD DECENT: PO PO Summer Mix Tape

PO PO made this mixtape for their tour with Sleigh Bells last month and now Mad Decent has released it to the public for FREE! GRAB IT HERE!

Don’t have a blown out speaker to listen to music through? Not a problem! PO PO delivers a lo-fi testament rife with retro spring-reverb guitars, tambourines, wailing vocals, drum machines and hilarious pitched-down spoken-word interludes to break it all up (“…hobblin’ like a goblin’ but I hoblin’ around” LOL!). All of which make for the perfect sonic summer break(down). I recommend Vicodin and alcohol!

Stand out tracks to me are ‘Bummer Summer’, ‘She Loves Tha DJ (instrumental)’ and ‘Space Ace’.

Cheers ~ Process Rebel

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