MERENGUEA!! even Shakira is included..

shakira loca

In a Smart Move Pop Queen SHAKIRA drops Merengue.. in an attempt to redefine her flow n latino essence, and why not.. perhaps looking for some awesome tribal and global bass remixes? i mean.. that’s the hook..
Well.. Babe.. as we say in Colombia: “Perro no come Perro”!!
Here’s DOMINICANO BACANEAO!! This is the underground done waaay before!!
Rita Indiana

Rita Indiana – Blue De Ping Pon by negropoiland
Voltio drops La fila india
10 Voltio Feat Sensato ”Del Patio”& DNC – La Fila India by negropoiland
Check and Download this epic tune
Magicxsound Feat Villanosam, Del Patio Neto Flow Y Mozart La Para – Mafu Tama RMX by negropoiland
Dj Samuray – Plomo Vs Romo by negropoiland
Coge Ritmo
Pa Que No Te Jodan

Joswa In Da House Ft. Los Centinelas & El Boke – Pa Que No Te Jodan (SDF) (Www.SobraoDeFlow.Com) by negropoiland

By the way
here’s Shakira

DOPE TUNE..i have to admit!!


  • Gianko September 7, 2010

    Me gusta mas como la canta Shakira en la versión español, ni idea de porque se le escucha mejor a voz…

    …ahora… Dizzee la parte durisimo en la version en ingles… grande!

  • Munchi September 8, 2010

    that ‘PLOMO vs ROMO’ is my shit!


  • tony tango August 17, 2011

    Very nice Shakira.
             Shakira will  definitely invited to my next party!
    how to merengue

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