shakira loca

In a Smart Move Pop Queen SHAKIRA drops Merengue.. in an attempt to redefine her flow n latino essence, and why not.. perhaps looking for some awesome tribal and global bass remixes? i mean.. that’s the hook..
Well.. Babe.. as we say in Colombia: “Perro no come Perro”!!
Here’s DOMINICANO BACANEAO!! This is the underground done waaay before!!
Rita Indiana

Rita Indiana – Blue De Ping Pon by negropoiland
Voltio drops La fila india
10 Voltio Feat Sensato ”Del Patio”& DNC – La Fila India by negropoiland
Check and Download this epic tune
Magicxsound Feat Villanosam, Del Patio Neto Flow Y Mozart La Para – Mafu Tama RMX by negropoiland
Dj Samuray – Plomo Vs Romo by negropoiland
Coge Ritmo
Pa Que No Te Jodan

Joswa In Da House Ft. Los Centinelas & El Boke – Pa Que No Te Jodan (SDF) (Www.SobraoDeFlow.Com) by negropoiland

By the way
here’s Shakira

DOPE TUNE..i have to admit!!


  1. Me gusta mas como la canta Shakira en la versión español, ni idea de porque se le escucha mejor a voz…

    …ahora… Dizzee la parte durisimo en la version en ingles… grande!

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