Ok my bro’ Caballo did a brief post last week on the Dubstep scene down under in Australia & New Zealand featuring some of the artists we’ve been bigging up for the past year or so.

However, as with most posts that try to cover an emerging scene, everybody has their personal faves and some pretty BIG names get missed for one reason or another.

One such name that was not mentioned was this dude, FILTH COLLINS. who for me, is one of the best things coming out of Australia right now dubstep-wise.  He’s like an Australian “Joker”!

We’re correcting that omission right now and so please welcome The Prince from DowN UnDeR with his mega-monstrous mixxtape:

Standard Issue Mixtape Vol. 1 by Filth Collins

Filth Collins Standard Issue Mixtape Vol. 1
1. Sx – Wooo (Remix) [Stay Fresh]
2. Om Unit – Searching (EAN Remix) [Stretched]
3. Bok Bok – NNTF 2009 [Dress 2 Sweat]
4. Africa Hitech – Blen [Warp]
5. Psy:Am & Stinkahbell – Don’t Tell Mum About Ibiza [Dub]
6. P-Money – Left The Room [Avalanche]
7. Dz – Oooh [Rottun]
8. Cotti vs Chef – Real Hustler (Filth Collins Remix) [Dub]
9. Stinkahbell – Stalker VIP [Dub]
10. Brown And Gammon – Womannz [Dub]
11. Megalodon & Bad Media – Switch [Dub]
12. Pasteman Ft. Dorrie – How Long (Filth Collins Remix) [Dub]
13. Distemper – Warkeeper [Dub]
14. Gamblers – Our Own Home [Dub]
15. Filth Collins Ft. Maksim – Borderline Disorderly [Forthcoming Monkey Dub]
16. Skream – Come To Murder [Rinse]
17. Benga – Little Bits [Digital Soundboy]
18. Phear Phace & SOS – Coming On Stronger [Dub]
19. Breakage – Hard (feat David Rodigan & Newham Generals) [Digital Soundboy]
20. Eddie K – Shivers VIP [H.E.N.C.H]
21. Bio and F3tch – Brainfeeder [Dub]
22. Starkey – Starting Gates [Planet Mu]
23. Megalodon & Filth Collins – Inevitable [Betamorph]
24. Filth Collins – Feed ‘Em To The Pigs [Free Download]
25. Kurk Kokane – Say Your Prayers [Dub]
26. P-Money – Hot Ones (O.G’z Madness) [Avalanche]
27. Rusko – Kumon Kumon [Mad Decent]
28. Brown And Gammon – Be There (Filth Collins Remix) [Forthcoming Analogic]
29. Brown And Gammon – Be There [Forthcoming Analogic]
30. Pasteman Ft. Dorrie – How Long [Dub]
31. Cairo – Sylvan [Dub]


  • eggchan October 4, 2010

    Filthy for PM

  • caballo October 5, 2010

    si si.. i didn’t mention FC as i know how much DJ UMB likes him!!!
    HE IS SICK!!!

  • dj umb October 5, 2010

    This doesn’t make sense man….you mention both Alexis K and Eggchan, are you saying I don’t like them much?..lol…

  • eggchan October 5, 2010


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