Sexy Saturday Cumbia: El Frente Cumbiero

Hi everyone, I am Canalh on a new mission: the weekly cumbia post. I have been an early follower from Gen Bass, discoverd cumbia in my hometown through colombian students who runned a radio show, “Catemaco”, back in 98. I “moderate” the soundcloud cumbia group, have some classics in my collection, and I worked nearly 3 years in Colombia. Like Caballo I am a teacher, basically. Above all, I love cumbia.

Let’s meet one of our man in Colombia, a teacher as well, main member of the Frente cumbiero, a flexible musical project of Mario Galeano. He recently launched a 7” on the label Names you can trust and that’s quite an event for the cumbia world, vinyl strikes back !

Frente Cumbiero – Pitchito 7″ by Names You Can Trust

There’s some good news from Colombia: El Frente cumbiero worked with Mad profesor and will deliver us a good 13 tracks album with some cumbias from El Frente Cumbiero and the dubbed versions of the Mad Profesor ! This track features a lot of musicians from the colombian scene, just check them.

Bestiales 77 by FRENTECUMBIERO

To celebrate this event they painted a mural in the barrio “la Macarena” on the height of Bogotá:

Hermanos, hermanas, what are the news from your “cumbia front” in your country / city ? Just hit me to coordinate the second wave of the cumbia invasion and feature this cronic on Gen Bass !

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