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[The Brian Viveros art magic continues]

We’re gonna be linking these posts now to our good friends over at the Drumstep Forum as we’ll be working in close co-operation on all things to do with DrumST3P!

So if you see this over there, no worries man, it’s all okay’d.

We know we’ve had and continue to have “unofficial” imitation problems in the past & present but the Drumstep Forum stuff, is all legit Sherlock, ok 🙂

SupaStarS 2day ARE:

1. DubSac

2. Trowa aka Philphy B

3. Kanji Kinetic

4. Joeroxor

5. DJ Rusty Meeks

6. Heist

7. Excision/Downlink/Datsik Mega-Mash

8. Hakka

9. APH

10. DaneJah

11. Destro

12. DRumST3P Competition!!!!



Our matey DubSac just sent us this EP made up of DubST3P & DrumST3P numbers and it’s free.

Do yourself a favour and grab this, play it out, include it in your mixes or just masturbate over it if you like.

Starring President Obama amongst others!

DOWNLOAD DubSac-Patterns EP–>

Stream a track here to give you a taste.

Envy [Free EP In Description] by DubSac



Our mate Philphy B aka Trowa just let looose on this MONSTA’ track, he’s one talented f**k man and this is a KILLLLLA’ remix of an Evanescence tune which we brought to you a few weeks back or last month, in fact!

I also think it was our DrumST3P posts that inspired him to come up with a DrumST3P remix in the first place!

Evanescence – Missing (TROWA RMX) by TROWA




Awesome remix of this feelgood BIG PAAARTY anthem of the 80’s, I think, or was it 90’s?

Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room (Kanji Kinetic Remix) by kanji



The boy did GOOOOD man.  He went away and took my advice and worked haaard on his shiiit and has come back with this track.  Man, listen to the difference!

Hate to say I told you so but I did ahahaha..WIKKID TRACK bretheren!

Whatever – I Don’t Care (Joeroxor Drumstep Remix) FREE 320! by joeroxor



Now, this track, sounds friggin’ DOPE and ORIGINAL!

Sikkk shiiit!LOVE IT!!!

Rusty Meeks – Bear Grinder by DJ Rusty Meeks




A mega-mash of some HOTTTT tunes from one of the HOTTEST DubST3P (and soon) DrumST3P labels around!

Excision Downlink Datsik – Exsistence Vs Reploid Vs SouthPaw – [WhompRat drumstep megamash] by ITEM9



Absolute KILLA’ in the making, which we hope to bring to you once it is finished!

Also an added killa’ track!

DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Hakka Remix) by Hakka

Hakka – Badman Killa (Drumstep) by Hakka



Pendulum would probably be proud of this, well I am, cause it means I can actually listen to Pendulum at long last thanks to this remix..lolz

Pendulum – The Island (APH Drumstep Remix) by APH



Yeah, I CAN see you mate!

I can see you going on to be one of the exciting ones in a batch of young DrumST3P producers, making it LAAARGE, in a few years time!

Here’s to your success mate, cheers 🙂




I incorrectly mixed this dude up with Dsrtuct.O  last week and so to make amends here he is again!

This time, he is who he is suppose to be!

DestrO- Rambo’s Comin (Drum Step mix) by DestrODNB

DestrO- Realize by DestrODNB



Just UPDATED this:

There’s also a DrumST3P Competition being organized by the Drumstep Forum and here’s what they say:

So here it is guys the first production contest run by the site!!!

Rules are pretty simple…

1) The work has to be original.  No samples that need to be cleared or remixes of anything. You may use samples but they must be duty free.

2) The song must be completed by dec. 1. this will give you about a month, that should be plenty of time :)

This contest will be judged partly by us and partly by you.

1/3 of the vote is based on you guys!

1/3 is going to be judged by the drumstepforum.com mods

1/3 is going to be judged by the Generation Bass crew.

Now to the good stuff… the prize :)

To the winner you will have your track released on Generation Bass Digi Label.

Plus you will get spotlight write ups on both blogs (trust me that there are a ton of views between both sites).

Also if you are a dj you will also have the opportunity to make a mix for the extremely popular dsf.com mix series.

If you dont dj dont worry ill get your track in the right hands and get it spun.

As far as second and third are concerned congratulations…. youre the first losers!

If second and third are proper and there is a good enough response ill work out something for you but no promises.

As far as where to submit the finished tracks just put them up and pm me the link.  For those of you that arent very net savvy you can host a song privately on sites such as megaupload or divshare or even yousendit, there are a million sites out there you just have to look.

I’m looking forward to listening to the entries.

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  • Saytown texarse January 9, 2011

    Trowa is 2 people, Philthy B & Metaphase, theyre rippin a hole into this culture on the real tip. Good post!

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