Moombahton Madness Continues : The Fall Of Moombahton!


Ok, as I said in the title, the Moombahton madness continues!

Totally unexpected this week, we’ve had a Moombahton week without really planning it.  Sometimes, that’s the way the best things happen.

The Hearbreak Kid has compiled this new Fall of Moombahton compilation following on from Munchi’s first one, The Summer of Moombahton.

If you follow the blog, yes it contains some of the stuff I already blogged here but also it contains some exclusives and previously unheard stuff and plus it’s presented in one great package and it’s FREEEE!

This is what the HeartBreak Kid says;

As the genre grows larger and larger the nay sayers are starting to become believers. The movement of moombahton is so strong and continues to build. As the genre grows so does the names of the producers. Moombahton is here to stay!!! and this is only the beginning.

I took time out to contact most of the moombahton producers to put out a follow up to the summer of moombahton ep. this ep is represented by almost every contient. This is the ultimate fusion of tropical music. I hope you enjoy the compliation, and continue to support the movement. In the words of Dave Nada, Dale Moombahton!!


Grab it here: the entire ep


  • Greene October 29, 2010

    *Link to the second archive the not-working

  • Heartbreak October 29, 2010

    Link to the second is good, just tooooo many downloads at the time, give it a couple hours, mediafire sucks

  • Heartbreak October 29, 2010

    GEN BASS is big part of this whole Moombahton movement, they have been supporting me, munchi, soundcloud and the whole movement in general. I want to thank GEn Bass for posting the COmp, and there continued support for HB!!! Thansk UMB and Caballo!!

  • dj umb October 29, 2010

    Hey cool man, thanks David 😉

  • caballo October 29, 2010

    Woord up!! Man!! this is sooooooooo good..that u guys made mediafire freeze!!! people are LOCOS downloading this!! and we have to!!!
    and thanks for the props.. we LOVE moomba!!

  • Greene October 31, 2010


  • Andy November 5, 2010

    Where the hell is Disc 1 Track 10?

  • chichis November 18, 2010

    how do u download rar?

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