The Love & Light guys were kind enough to send this to me a few days ago as one of their xclusive peeps to get it.  I was honoured and over the moon cause I love their work.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to share it with you too.

It’s a brilliant remix of a great track by one of my favourite rock bands, Muse.

This is beautiful….

MUSE – Unintended – Love and Light Remix (click here for additional d/l info) by Love and Light

Join their Facebook page to get a Wav version!

CariocaBASS!! Hot Brazil!!

!Fresh sound from Brazil!!!

Funk na caixa few days ago dropped some awesome tunes from there as well!!

It was pure brazilian Fire!! you can not miss that post!!

zicamen from Lorena!!

FREE download
ZiCaMeN – TaPa Na PaNTeRa by ZiCaMeN

Ide Rather Putaria by DJ Comrade

Free Download!

São Paulo-based singer Luísa Maita has been hailed by the media as “The New Voice of Brazil” by National Public Radio. The Maita Remixed EP offers a fresh perspective on one of Brazil’s most exciting new talents.
This one is dope!

Although he is not brazilian born, Maga Bo has made Rio de Janeiro his home base since 1999, although most of the time he can be found digging up new sounds in far flung corners of the globe. Inspired by South African kwaito, Brazilian baile funk, Jamaican dancehall, Angolan kuduro and other cutting edge urban sounds, Maga Bo is a leading figure in international urban bass music.

also drops this beleza! not free… but it is quite cheap cuz it is the whole EP!! buy if u have 2 bucks .
This one is same tune…Warrior one RMX!!


[Artwork by: Shingo Shimizu]

Sometimes……..Life is………….


…………………………… a jig….



………………..Release on Generation Bass DigitaL on Monday 6 December 2010…………


Puzzle is the next branch in the ever growing GENERATION BASS family tree. His 8-bit oriented, bass heavy lazerstep is breaking barriers and winning new souls daily.

Part southern style hiphop beats get fused with blubby and wobbly synths to create a dense, layered sound in which the drums peak up like blinking lights.

These are not just random dubstep productions, they border on Skweee as well and feature a very personal use of melody and arranging.

More than just bangers, these are bangers with soul…

By Puzzle (not dj umb) – Impala – Forthcoming Release on Gen Bass Digital by djumb

Vacuumpact by puzzle.

kanel by puzzle.

double glaze by puzzle.



Find out more about Puzzle

“As a child puzzle was hit by high energy beams of starlight, originating from the unknown depths of the cosmos. He started seeing melodies in vibrant, shimmering, palettes of neon, and started weaving them together with thick blankets of bubbling bass. People who heard his music were lured into his labyrinth of puzzle beats, many of whom have never returned..”


The pic above, before you hear this track!

You know they say this town ain’t big enough for the two of dem, well, in H & M’s (HEARTBREAK & MUNCHI) case, man it is.

Heartbreak is painting the town red with Monsieur Munchi and this DEADLY duo just upped the stakes, by trying to out do each other, in the same game with:


BUT today, this is ALL about the HEARTBREAK kid man!

You know not much is known about this ENIGMA but legend has it that he proved to be an uncontrollable kid to his parents.  In the end he ran away after continous grounding by them for constantly finding stray pussy in his room.

The rumour goes that he continued to live out his existence as a FERAL child. Having survived in the wild on his own with no-one but a Munchi for company (lol..this is a joke btw….thought I better mention it, just in case) he excelled at music production and became one of the leading lights on the Moombahton scene, which led him back to joining civilization.

But his feral habits would not die and now, he is co-leading the way on the Moombahcore score to DRAMATIC and spell-binding effect!

Here is a choon to knock out even KING f***in’ KONG!

This is the sort of stuff you can expect from the forthcoming MOOMBAHCORE album on Generation Bass Digital by HEARTBREAK and the unmentionable ONE (lol).

Bet you got your wallets out already, and are salivating at the mouth and have probably come in your pants too, at this juicy and delicious prospect.

Well just imagine too, if Scarlett Johansson joins in the action in a menage a trois and does a guest vocal on a track.  You might just shiit yourself with xcitement.

NUFF said, (in a scouse accent!) calm “the f**K” down!!!

King Kong by David Heartbreak

The pic above, after you hear this track!

Mixed up Monday!


This week I’m going to take us a little deeper and to start us off I’ve got a killer remix from Matta.

I was a youngin’ when the original “Toms Diner’ came out so of course I’ve got a nostalgic connection to the tune, and I have to say Matta has really done it justice. It’s a great piece I thought you would enjoy.


Suzanne Vega – Toms Diner (Matta Refix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Matta Music

It’s ridiculous to try to come with anything intelligent here.

If ya dun know, now ya know… Kromestar.

Kromestar-Old face-Dubstep for Deep Heads [Free Download] by Dubstep For Deep Heads

Kromestar-Creeper-Dubstep for Deep Heads [Free Download] by Dubstep For Deep Heads

Here are a couple of rollers from Rob Sparx and Synkro. More sub love. Enjoy!


Rob Sparx – Serenade-Dubstep For Deep Heads [Free Download] by Dubstep For Deep Heads


Synkro-Back Then-Dubstep for deep- heads [Free Download] by Dubstep For Deep Heads

To keep it in a 2 steppy vibe here are a couple short ones from Sound Proof.

I’m sorry, call me a dummy, but I’ve never heard of these guys and they’re keeping it old school. Absolutely love their tunes.


Follow me by Soundproof by soundproofdub

Needed you by Soundproof by soundproofdub

Here’s a fresh one from the beautiful Kozee.

This young DJ/Producer has created quite a buzz in the San Francisco Bay Area within the last few years, and she has worldwide following at this point.

She’s been focused more on productions as opposed to touring as of late and her tunes deserve to be heard!
Current releases include works on Badman Press, Badman Digital, and Hot N Heavy Recordings.



Kings of Tomorrow- Finally – Kozee Re Rub by Kozee

Crossroads Records has a forthcoming EP that is full of dub tones and sub bass!

The following clips are the 4 tunes featured on the Dubwise Collage EP from FLeCK & Sparc,Arehouse, Aftee, and myself.


CRSRDSEP010 – Arehouse feat. Nicole Zahn – Nicole [CLIP] by crossroadsrecordsmusic

CRSRDSEP010 – FLeCK & Sparc – Cali & Wine [CLIP] by crossroadsrecordsmusic

CRSRDSEP010 – Fish Finger – Dubwise Collage [CLIP] by crossroadsrecordsmusic

CRSRDSEP010 – A.I. – Lucifer [CLIP] by crossroadsrecordsmusic

To round off this weeks post I want to let you know about an upcoming compilation.

In celebration of the 1-year anniversary of DJ Sashwat’s Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz Radio show on DI.FM, he has been working hard these past few months in affiliation with myself and Crossroads Records at compiling a monstrous FREE 30+ track Dubstep Compilation containing full-length/unmixed tracks by some of Dubstep’s Finest from around the world.

This compilation is slated to be released for FREE on December 31st at both Digital-Tunes and Bandcamp.


To give you and everyone else a taste of the deeper side of the release we’re offering 100 downloads of Legend4ry’s “My Life In Transients”. Enjoy, and please spread the good word about a massive compilation.

Legend4ry – My Life In Transients 2010 – Final (selfmaster) by Generation Bass Fish

The following link is our soundcloud page set up with teasers for you to get a feel for the full album.



Here’s the new release from Permanent Damage Records, which is in fact comprised of 3 and is due out on Dec 14!

Take a listen:

The Love Theme – Boogaloo (Jonah K Remix) – limited time download! by Permanent Damage Records

The Love Theme – Boogaloo – FJH “My Donkey” Remix – Free Limited Download by Permanent Damage Records
The Love Theme – Boogaloo (FJH Dubstep Remix) by FJH

Grab this free KILLA Dubstep remix track limited to 100 FREE downloads:

Love Theme (Jonah K Remix)

Here’s what the label say:

There are 3 releases The Love Theme 2, The Love Theme remixed part 1 which is dub/dubstep which may be more up your street and The Love Theme remixed part 2 – dance related tracks.

Artist: The Love Theme

Album: Boogaloo Remixed

Release Date: Dec 14, 2010

Catalogue: PDRX0013A & PDRX0013B

Track Listing:

A1  Boogaloo (Cottonmouth Remix)

A2  Boogaloo (Alexis K Remix)

A3  Boogaloo (Dominic Owen Reggae Mix)

A4  Boogaloo (Jonah K Remix)

A5  Boogaloo (FJH Remix)

B1  Boogaloo (riccicomoto dubclub session)

B2  Boogaloo (Dominic Owen Disco Edit)

B3  Boogaloo (Thundercakes Restless Sole Remix)

B4  Boogaloo (Notty Culture Remix)

B5  Boogaloo (Vito Benito Club Mix)

With his take on love in the 21st century, The Love Theme’s second EP, Two, hits stores Dec 14th on Permanent Damage Records, with the lead single “Boogaloo” supported by a schmorgasboard of remixes.

The first half of the album explores dubstep and its roots. Rising star Cottonmouth kicks things off with a heavy mix filled with multiple climaxes. Alexis K, provides her support after a streak of Beatport charted dubstep tracks and newcomers Jonah K and FJH fill out the dubstep vibe. For a quick breather, The Love Theme’s Dominic Owen lends a reggae mix to keep things irie.

The second half of the album features four-on-the-floor dance ready remixes ready to roll. Riccicomotos deep house vibe shows traces of Isolee, and Dominic Owen takes us back to the tight pants and white noses of the 70’s with his disco mix. The madcap Thundercakes offers a clean tech house remix and Vito Benito gets the fists pumping with a remix that will satisfy the unwashed masses. Rounding things out is a mix by ska-pop duo Notty Culture.

Artist: The Love Theme

Album: Two

Release Date: Dec 14, 2010

Catalogue: PDRX0012

Track Listing:

1.     Boogaloo

2.     Bum Bum Bum

3.     Tension

4.     Prey

With his take on love in the 21st century, producer and composer Dominic Owen’s second EP under his alter ego The Love Theme, aptly named Two, hits stores Dec 14th, on Permanent Damage Records.

Following the success of the project’s debut and supported by all-star remixes of the lead single “Boogaloo,” Two uses breakbeats, samples, and catchy hooks to tell the story of a modern troubadour, navigating love in the modern world.

The story beings with the ska-inflected “Boogaloo,” chronicling the mating dance performed by hapless men in nightclubs attempting to secure a mating partner – or at least cop a touch and a squeeze in the back seat of a shared taxicab.

Bum Bum Bum,” featuring guest vocals from Brazilian Carlos Henrique Pela (The Gioania Project), is a bass driven electro-fuelled ode to Electra, and the inability of men to grow beyond their infantile need for T&A

Like a seven-year-old marriage, the pace slows down with the epic “Tension.” Are humans meant to be monogamous? Is marriage a sacred union? Whose turn is it to take out the garbage? For some questions, there are no answers. All that we know is eventually the mounting pressure will explode.

Closing out the EP, “Prey” features lyrics composed by another immortal bard, none other than William Shakespeare. Hamlet’s fatal flaw was his procrastination, trying to put off the inevitable. Surely modern man, haunted by performance anxiety, can identify with a hero trying to hold out as long as possible, until a final flurry of activity brings his act to a tragic conclusion.

One, The Love Theme’s debut release, earned strong critical support, a #1 music video worldwide for it’s lead single “Timbo,” and a chart-topping dubstep remix of “Indian Girl.”

Known best for his work with The Notorious B.I.G., Notty Culture, and Charlie Sloth, Dominic’s genre-defying work as The Love Theme shows another side of this influential and prolific producer.

The lead single, “Boogaloo” is supported by a host of remixes including Dominic Owen’s disco edit, Germany’s ricciciomoto deep, dubby house mix and rising star of dubstep, Cottonmouth’s take on the original.

For more information contact Ben Cooper ([email protected]) or Andy Smith ([email protected])


We all have at least ONE gig that stays long in the memory and Roskilde might end up being mine!

Just like Zeppelin had their Madison Square Gardens in 73 or Knebworth in 79.  U2 had their Red Rocks in 83.  The Beatles had their Shea Stadium moment in whenever that was 🙂

Yep, they’re all bona fide rock distinguishes them from me in a MASSIVE way, cause I ain’t even a famous DJ, but man, I had my moment too.  In my mind, it goes up there with what they had.

Yeah, I promise this is the last time, of my own volition, that I write about it, “anywhere”

So please allow me to have this one final ocassion to share it with you and to bury it once and for…

It was a gig, where within 10 minutes, I’d built up a crowd from around a 1000 to over 6000 kids, going nutz to dubstep!

So I finally found some time to get around to recording the mix, and thanks to my photographic memory (that got me through Law school), it pretty much duplicates what happened at that infamous gig on Friday 2nd July 2010 in Denmark.

You can read all about it in FULL HERE and you can also grab the tracklisting from the same place!

It’s all thanks to Mikael Planer that I have a tiny bit of the memory encapsulated on celluloid.

However, as I said in my FULL STORY (which, btw, I sold as an exclusive to The Sun Newspaper via Max it went even crazier than what was captured here on camera.  So what you see on the vid is, I’d say, about 60% of the nutz factor, as it just got crazier and crazier.

Thanks to Mikkel Munch Mortensen for the photo’s and somebody else too who sent me some, but I can’t remember who it…

If it was not for these photo’s I’d have no photographic memory of it either (except in my mind of course) cause I NEVER video or photograph any of my gigs.

You can listen to/or download the whole thing, including the commentary and tracklisting HERE (same link as above).

DJ UMB LIVE @ ROSKILDE 2010 by djumb

Starts off with some Zeppelin and all I’m gonna say is that there’s some Muse, Beatles and other stuff in there inna dubstep styleee including Rock, LeD ZepSTeP, Dubstep, Bare DubStep, Transnational DubSTeP, MeTalSTeP & PopSTeP.

Recorded live & one take @ Home…Pioneer CDJ’s 1000 MKII & DJM 600 mixer & unmastered!

Flaws, warts & all, f**k it, I only usually record once and so it’s rough around the edges.

Magnificent Sunday AFROPERUVIAN V.30

There are two black rhythms that we haven’t posted recently.
Afro Pacific and Afro Peruvian, both from the pacific side of Latin America.
Before doing a post about roots, i’d like to show the newest, fresh sound Afro peruvian.
It is one of the most underrated forms of latin American folklore, people now understand the difference between cumbia chichera, and afro peruvian; which means we can move right into music!!
AfroPeruvian has moved a lil from “Cajon,tumba, guitarra” sound and has embraced fully global sound, blending itself with dub, bossa,
Free download!!
from Canada Lady Luck

This one is ALSO a FREE DOWNLOAD from Novalima! OFICIAL!!

We posted this one a while ago!!
PEÑA by Secret Stash Records “El Mayoral” Afro-Peruvian by Listen Recovery

This one is a MAN recording Rmx!! from Novalima’s Yo voy
yo voy (D Haaksman Rmx)

TREMOR drops amazing RMX free!
Maneteo en Menor (Tremor remix) by MARCH:MUSIC
This one has a jazz-bossa vibe, but then it moves into a more afroperuvian with strings
also FREE!!

last but not least
from LIMA i had the honor to work with an unknown producer called Tavitoo who is dropping afro peruvian as well..
You can grab the song and the album here

Caballo and TMFK + Tavitooo-Machete Afilao by caballo

Video: some words with Mr Akwaaba aka Benjamin Lebrave.

Snow starts to fall on Paris, France.

It was one of this cold and wet afternoon, perfect for having a little chat with our friend Benjamin Lebrave, founder of the great label, Akwaaba Music.

In this video, he tells us about Akwaaba, african music and his upcoming projects. Great moment, great words.  Big thanks to him and enjoy the interview.  More infos about akwaaba here.

Global Bass : interview with Benjamin Lebrave/Akwaaba music from Videomit on Vimeo.

You can also check out a longer version of this interview, but, unfortunately, this is all in french, no subtitles. If someone wants to help with the translation, you’re welcome.

Global Bass : rencontre avec B.Lebrave (Akwaaba Music). from Videomit on Vimeo.


Desert Phase, the fourth Kaya Project full length album, drew its inspiration from the time Seb Taylor and Natasha Chamberlain spent in some of the world’s largest deserts. Incorporating field recordings made while traveling across these windswept landscapes, along with additional studio sessions with several world musicians back in London, Desert Phase evokes colouful and dusty imagery of a timeless and mysterious terrain. Carrying on from where the digital-only Ummah Oum Remixes EP left off, Interchill decided to turn the distinctive Kaya Project sound over to the talents of a group of other accomplished producers to see what sort of re-interpretations would emerge.

Scattered across 3 continents, the select remixers represent a diverse range of musical inclinations from dubstep, breaks, glitch hop, techno, drum’n’bass and modern downtempo sensibilities. From New Zealand and Australia, Opiuo, Oblique Industries and Interpulse bring their unique skills to the forefront while US based producers Bluetech, EarthRise SoundSystem and Liquid Stranger each take their preferred tracks ‘Vijaya’, ‘Sundown’ and ‘Dust Devil’ into newly discovered sonic territory. UK based producers Tripswitch, Gaudi, Eat Static, 100th. Monkey and Seb Taylor’s three aliases Hibernation, Chaos By Design and Biotone, round out the tracklist with further globetronic treatments which offer further perspectives on the different phases of the desert.

The second release of its kind for Interchill, the Desert Phase Remixes album is a high calibre collection of divergent takes on the classic Kaya Project style. Each track opens a broader glimpse into the original piece while highlighting the individual tastes of each of the remixers and the diversity of their production techniques. The result is a digital melting pot of exotic influences and genre-defying grooves for dancefloors everywhere. Containing the best of both worlds, the remixes are an example of global fusion electronica at its finest and show the remarkable nature of intercontinental musical collaboration.

GRAB track 9, Gaudi remix, FREE below!


01. When Only Sand Remains (Tripswitch Remix)

02. Ummah Oum (100th Monkey Remix)

03. Desert Phase (Hibernation Remix)

04. 23 Towers (Eat Static Remix)

05. Dust Devil (Liquid Stranger’s Cortex Vortex Remix)

06. 23 Towers (Biotone Remix)

07. Desert Child (Oblique Industries Remix)

08. Sundown (EarthRise SoundSystem Remix)

09. Calico Stomp (Gaudi Remix)

10. Eye Of The Storm (Chaos By Design Remix)

11. Dobro (Opiou Bro-Cuzz Remix)

12. Vijaya (Bluetech Remix)

13. 23 Towers (Interpulse Remix)