Another HOTTT update for you, again courtesy of Toke.

Download it all HERE

Go there also for what little commentary there is but listen to the toonage here first cause most of it is MIND-BLOWING!

As Toke describes it:

Angolan Kuduro meets Drum and Bass. Cooool KuBass! For You!


  • AVD November 23, 2010

    Cool stuff, but dont really hear any DnB in any of this.

  • dj umb November 23, 2010

    Very true but maybe I should have said that’s how Toke describes it, in fact I just changed it to say that.

    maybe that’s what DnB is for Angolan people?

  • Benzona November 24, 2010

    Ha that Baby Flip is awesome

  • zhao November 24, 2010

    most of it sounds like KUZOMBA to me… kizomba with the kuduro roughness sound. great stuff tho obviously thanks.

  • dj umb November 24, 2010

    Yeah man it’s one of my faves too..just ridiculously catchy and contagious….

  • dj umb November 24, 2010

    WTF is KUZOMBZA Zhao..send some my way man….

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