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I’ve been waiting for an Arabic music renaissance for a lil’ while but I never thought in a million years that my favourite electronica band, Modeselektor, might be responsible for bringing it back.

My mind just EXPLODED!


Ok, well apprently it’s not new:

It’s from a 2005 dvd/album called “Labland.”

erm…suppose that Electronic Arabic renaissance might not be coming after


  • b November 28, 2010

    good song, but its not new. it’s from a 2005 dvd/album called “Labland.”

  • dj umb November 28, 2010

    Really, wow, never knew anything about that release…5 years ago too…lol…

  • brian may November 30, 2010

    yeah they play it live sometimes.
    it’s name comes from the turkish restaurant opposite their studio here in Berlin.
    Going to see them, Jahcooz, Teichmann tomorrow night at the Berlin Nairobi project! Yep…a collision of Nairobi & Berlin club music. Should be interesting.

  • brian may November 30, 2010

    oops i confused the track “hasir” on 1st album (named after restaurant) with this one. Anyways….!

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