Shazalakazoo – Giveaway!

One of the coolest band from folkstep and global bass in the whole world went nuts!!

there are two bands that i really find amazing..cuz they drop BANGERS after BANGERS after BANGERS..everytime, over and over..
GB’s favorite schlachthofbronx and the other band is balkanbass emperors shazalakazoo!

Shazalakazoo is GIVING TONS of music for FREE!!

This are some examples of their FREE SET called GIVEAWAY
Shazalakazoo – Fanpharaoh
Shazalakazoo – Fanpharaoh by shazalakazoo
Shazalakazoo – Bobangola by shazalakazoo
Puijro (Shazalakazoo Remix) – Picikato Brass Band
Puijro (Shazalakazoo Remix) – Picikato Brass Band by shazalakazoo

Shazalakazoo – Giveaway!

Shazalakazoo – Giveaway! by shazalakazoo
These are neki’s mini mixes!
Only 5 available
all around micromix by neki stranac/shazalakazoo
Only 15 available
almost nano micromix by neki stranac/shazalakazoo

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