Sharkslayer ATTACK!!!

BEWARE !! there’s a shark dropping furious bangers!!
From Finland let me (re)introduce a guy i have been following for the last months..and i am sooooooooooo in love with his tunes that i was waiting to start 2011 with this wicked and FREE POST only about his tunes!!!!

Last time i posted something about him was with top billin, so i’d assume they are related in somehow..
Well.. this post as i said is about SHARKSLAYER TUNES
now updated:
not one guy but 2 guys
DJ Pushups + Sir Nenis from Top Billin

U have seen nothing!……Hammerhead
Hammerhead by SHARKSLAYER

This one will make you JUMP!!!!
Devil’s Marbles by SHARKSLAYER

Here’s a 3ball dub version of Hammerhead
Hammerhead (Dub) by SHARKSLAYER

a Filthy Bass version of Devils marbles
Devil’s Marbles (Dub) by SHARKSLAYER

Final Free tune
a sick global bass banger!!
Emperatron – King Riddim (Sharkslayer remix) by SHARKSLAYER


  • martti ahtisaari January 4, 2011

    Sharkslayer is not 1 guy, it’s DJ Pushups + Sir Nenis from Top Billin

  • dj umb January 4, 2011 gives a shiit who the No. 1 guy is…Caballo did not say anything about Sharkslayer being no.1 …

    I thought a former President of Finland would have more common sense than to make such a dictatorial comment! maybe he ran Finland as a

    BTW, Caballo, we have featured Sharkslayer in the past a few times…I think we posted a Haaksman remix of his some time ago which was DOPE!

  • martti ahtisaari January 4, 2011

    dude, you got it wrong – i only said sharkslayer is two guys (not one like Caballo said). lol wtf at yourself bro 😀

  • martti ahtisaari January 4, 2011

    but yeah whatever who gives a shit if its one or 1000 people behind the name, its all good

  • remzzz January 4, 2011

    lol…paranoïac comment dude!!!
    sharkslayer are two guys but… yep, u’re n°1 umb…lololololol

  • dj umb January 4, 2011

    Dear President, ok, clarified now, it didn’t read like when I read it.

    I thought you were saying Sharkslayer is not no.1 guy but that the guys in Top Billin are the no.1 guys. Ithought you were putting Sharkslayer down. I don’t like anybody putting down any artist and hence why I stood up BUT you did NOT mean it that…

    Your comment now makes sense and thanks also for clarifying…Apologies Dear President 🙂

    P.s I need just looked again..I don’t know how I misread “not” as “No.1”..lmao..

  • dj umb January 4, 2011

    Remzzz, whoever you are, I’m you’re No.1 fan..lolololol

  • caballo January 4, 2011

    Lol.. No 1!! si si.. tha’s why i “say: Re introduce the guy (s) because it’s been a while since we dropped that wicked remix!! and how should i know if there are two or 3 guys.. lol..
    i looked up.. but i do not speak finnish or no big info.. neither soundcloud or face.. sometimes these guys need to help us a bit

  • DUBBEL DUTCH January 16, 2011

    Sorry dudes but that Hammerhead track is definitely not 3ball. I can see how you might think that… but it’s really just kinda weird house with quantized triplets. Doesn’t have the right swing and I highly doubt that Sharkslayer was trying to do a 3ball thing.

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