2011 February

2011 February


Awesome new release from Permanent Damage Records. This is really deeeep and dark stuff man and in parts darkly comic too! My faves are Odin's Beard, atmospheric and deep, and Hippies, which Read More


[Thanks 2 my Italian sis' Monica-ca-ca-ca for the image] MonStePPers! 1. AlexisK 2. Co-Captain 3. Paranoise Collission 4. Defemate 5. Th0r Music 6. Toro 43 7. Titch Beats 8. Read More


Generation Bass would just like to pass on their condolences to all the people affected by the recent earthquake, our prayers/good wishes are with you and your families. Here's Alexis K with a track Read More

Chip Bass Monthly

Boom! A bunch of great releases out this month and it is fantastic to see artists who keep making there way into these posts through consistently releasing quality material. Cheapshot The EP Read More


When Moombahton & Moombahcore ruled the world! ROYAL MOOMBAHTON A Royal Wedding is on the cards in the UK and this is London based Nadia Oh's ode to that.  Wonder if they'll play it Read More

BBC Friction Mix – LuvSteP 2 Apocalyptic DubSTeP 2 Transnational DubSTeP

Listen back to the mix. Scroll FF to 2 hours in and hey, presto! Listen back to the mix here! In the first half of the 30 minute mix, expect some Transnational LuvsteP to get you all luvvved Read More

Perfect Loosers present Akwaaba Remixed – Megamix!

Perfect Loosers present Akwaaba Remixed - Megamix! by Akwaaba Music It all started one year ago, Akwaaba head dood Benjamin Lebrave met up with the Perfect Loosers in their studio right outside Read More

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia

OK, enough blablabla, I wrote a lot last times, today only GOOD SOLID music; one word & one good track. 1- Animals: "it's not good to be a chicken !" But it's good to listen to Hat and Hoodie... Read More
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