SENTADA VIOLENTA – that’s gotta hurt…

sentada violenta

The new rage in BAILE FUNK land is an extreme dance in which the man is the victim and the woman  gets VIOLENT on your ass… It’s like a new Brasilian form of Daggering, you gotta see this to believe it. crazy… check out these video’s by MC BELINHO

Also check out these animated gifs for the complete picture of the moves… totally insane by my account, but they seem to be enjoying themselves:
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  • Red Revolt February 9, 2011

    freaking hilarious!

  • processrebel February 9, 2011

    LOL! My guess is the ladies came up with this one 😉

  • MWaer February 11, 2011

    Haha, from the first girl? I think I might subject myself to that…

  • Djumb February 11, 2011

    Why Vince is still my favourite blogger…only he could find summat like…


  • Erik Luyten February 11, 2011

    @Umb Incu-Joost was just a few days earlier 😉

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