Ok for real, I got problems. I got a serious pan flute addiction like for example heared in the 3Ball songs. Or the like totally unnecassary panflute additions to tracks.. gotta love them! Support the panflute, it’s gangsta (yeah, even more than the O.G. himself, the cowbell).

So imagine how many times the replay button got molested when this got in the picture:

Teaser Matanza from Meschi on Vimeo.

Originally called Matenlo, now under a new name Matanza from Chile are taking the shamanic rhytyms to 2010 in exactly the right way. Agreeing 100% with the drunk lookin dude in the beginning, lol.

Support good music, support the cowbell, support the panflute, DO IT!!



  • Remzzz February 10, 2011

    no more DL? the links appears broken…the teaser soundz really rrrealy nice!!!

  • Canalh February 10, 2011

    good post Munchi, thanks ! But yes what’s going on weed di link ?

  • Worthy February 11, 2011

    Check Out Matanza’s official video for Lluvia, the last song in the video above here:

  • feder February 11, 2011

    This file is no longer available.
    The file you are looking for is no longer being shared at this address. The link has either expired or the owner of the account has decided to stop sharing the file.
    If you still need to access this file, please contact the owner of this MobileMe account.

  • Munchi February 11, 2011

    I’m gettin that solved atm, should be changed in a few!

  • Munchi February 11, 2011


  • jose jara ramirez February 11, 2011


  • Disc0 February 11, 2011

    good shit but WHERE CAN I GET ONE OF THOSE MASKS!?

  • Red Revolt February 11, 2011

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! 😀

  • YOUNG NAST March 22, 2011

    at 0:52 it’s me with a bandana..big up matanza!!!!

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