Sapabonde redefines BaileFunk with a little help from his friends!


cooool! Some of my favorite BaileFunk Producers down in Brazil just posted 4 new tracks to their soundcloud page!

Let’s start with this rather unusual and very successful global ghetto tech vs bailefunk track:

Sapabonde Vs. The Young Punx – Éus Sapa (Holybitches remix) by Sapabonde

YaY! My Favorite Bailefunk track from 2010 gets a two more fresh remixes, this time by Guto de Almeida.

Sapabonde – Vai Não Se Esconde (Guto de Almeida BAILE Remix) by Sapabonde

Did this just get Shpongled? Another awesome remix for an already great tune!

Sapabonde – Vai Não Se Esconde (Guto de Almeida Remix) by Sapabonde

Do I hear the Raja Ram’s style beatboxing in there, or am I hallucinating O_O ?

Sapabonde – SB Di Rolê (El Super Gummi Remix) by Sapabonde

Check their cloud page for lot of other remixes and originals, Sapabonde are for sure a name to follow 😛


  • GenerationBass February 11, 2011

    just changed all ‘baliefunk’ into ‘bailefunk 🙂

  • Bumps February 11, 2011

    Wiz bruv. Sapabonde is actually 7 lesbians from Brasilia! Not a producer. Peace, Bumps…

  • Anonymous February 11, 2011

    haha good to know, was hard to find any info about them, and i swear i saw a dude’s face associate with them before 😛

  • Anonymous February 11, 2011

    gotta <3 my editors!

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