Transnational Dubstep : freshhhh support from Public Enemy, Dreadzone, Qemists, Downlink etc etc

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Fresh Trans Dub Support

Just in, more <3

DJ Lord (Public Enemy Tour DJ)
“Killer sound……straight up”

“Awesome stuff, diverse, melodic, groundbreaking and perfect for a lot of different vibes……..loving the reggae vibes of dub stuff”.

Peo de Pitte
“Phat as F-K!”

Downlink (Rottun)
“Dope tunages”

Komonazmuk (Hench)
“Yeah man nice stuff”

Crissy Criss (BBc1xtra/BBc1 Radio)

The Qemists
”Big fan of Kaliyuga”

“Loving the regional vibes, will fit nicely into my sets”

Some background music 😉

DJ UMB in da mix 4 BBC Friction [With Natalie Portman’s tears….] by djumb

Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep Compilation Promo (Excerpt/Taster Mix) – 1 FEB 2011 by djumb


If you’re in the States, you know you can get the CD & digital downloads.

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Previous Trans Dub Support


“Something different and fresh for the listenning ear! A good listen and something that will open your mind!”




“Loving This!”


“Rude Profile…great dancefloor biznezzz”




“So surprising to hear something like this…….tracks are ones that you could imagine being on Fabric Live 37….Really into all of them….brilliant idea..”

DJ Anne Savage

“Great for chilling, this is going straight onto my ipod…deserves to do well”

Mary Anne Hobbs


David Starfire (Dj/Producer)

What a slammin compilation from Generation Bass and it’s on my top 10 of 2011″

Mad Decent

A wild collect of dub sounds coming from all over the world

Jaguar Skills



“Yeah wkd”


“Big in the gizzame”

Flore (Botchit & Scarper/Mixmag)

With only a first listen, i can say i’m highly impressed by the quality & the variety of the tracks, the selection is very smart cos i think all the tracks fit good together…looking forward to include some of these tracks in my mix


“Very naice”


“…Clownie…good stuff…”

Doctor P

Supporting – “India sleeping”


“Some different vibes..nice one…big up all the crew”

Schlachthofbronx (/Mad Decent/Man Recordings/ Best Dance Act in the World)


Mistajam (BBC Radio 1 / 1Xtra, UK)

“Definitely some strong tracks……expect some support on this from me.”

DJ Allbury (Rinse FM, UK)

“so many variations on this ep, im gettin the feel for bass and the unwinding middle east sounds”

DJ Nappy (Architect of Thugstep)

You can tell that deep thought was put into track selection and layout. In a world of over-synthesized 2-step, this is a refreshing journey in audio. Organic sounds, and a treat to listen to as a whole. Quite pleasurable to vibe out to on a rainy winter afternoon”

Son Of Kick
“Overall deep and well produced. Def pick a couple tunes for the deeper shows”

Bert On Beats (Man Recordings)

“Most definitely one of my favourite and one of a kind compilation! Fleck& FishFinger, BandishProjekt and Celt Islam are winners here!”

Eastenders (Balkan Dance Act)

Your cd is one of the best compilations since the early days of “asian
underground” – brilliant!!

Heartbreak (Moombahton/Moombahcore)

This is the sound… The future of dubstep… A fresh new outtake on a killer sound and genre..

Permanent Damage Records

Think that someone had to do this type of release….has lots of potential to run and run – great concept.

PATHAAN [Worldwide]

This release is essential for discerning ears & undoubtedly encompasses an interesting new musical direction for fusion !

Maduro [Octofoil Records/Electronic]

“The Transnational Dubstep compilation by Generation Bass is by far the best selection of ethnic dubstep I’ve come across thus far – this is truly defining a moment in music”

Eva Pacifico [Ibizarre Records/Ibizasonica]

“Ancient voices meet future music”

IDJ Mag [Russell Deeks]

“Some interesting fusions here…”

Specimen A

“Big Vibes..some well crafted music here…”

Southern Fried [Jay Robinson]

“Cool EP”

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