Sitting So Close To God I Can See His Eyes * * ZAKEE Behind The Scenes Exclusive


Somewhere, lost in time, is an era when we used to check for albums. Complete listens. Long Plays, if you will. We’ve traded in the anxious anticipation of thumbing through detailed liner notes for supersaturated Twitter feeds from our “favorite” bands, producers, & DJ’s.

(Disclaimer: If you’re here for the quick fix/insta-banger move along to the next post because we got a lot of em!)

But if you’re here ready to learn something about one of the most exciting producers crafting music today, a great place to start is in the studio with Philly Bred, West African singer, songwriter, and beat-making bass head, ZAKEE:

2 min. 30 sec. in the studio w/ ZAKEE from Joey Angerone on Vimeo.

“…if you wanna do somethin, make it happen. If that door’s not open, kick the motherfucker in.”

^ That may not be one of ZAKEE’s more eloquent quotes, but it comes from the heart and the same place his music does. After a year of international tours, sharing the stage and studio with the likes of The Roots, Erykah Badu, M.I.A. & Nas, many are wondering if 2011 might be his year. With a summer release date set for Assimilations on Green Owl/Warner Music Group, that old feeling of anticipation might be returning for a new generation…


On Glory, the lead single quietly building steam, we witness ZAKEE creating an anthem from the ground up. Sure, he’s been assembling beats for years but never before taking such confident control of the microphone, pen, and paper. Otherwise, his trademark drums are there, bass crispier than ever. Distant chants meet hood rich samples as ZAKEE’s own smooth lyrics are delivered on cosmic synths.

I predict this summer you’ll find critics scratching their heads after the first few listens to Assimilations. as ZAKEE is able to effortlessly deconstruct genre barriers of exclusivity throughout the entire album.

Twitter: @iamzakee
Facebook: ZAKEE


  • Yego March 15, 2011

    photos by Soohang Lee

  • Kay March 15, 2011

    Great shit..

  • Swp1409 March 15, 2011

    drop the fucking album cuz you done talking they just dont know

  • Serita March 15, 2011

    This track is so hot.I love his new sound.Great find

  • Tapas March 15, 2011

    Amazing lyrics.

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