Sapabonde EP - II

Neo Baile Funk – Sapabonde EP II

Funk na Caixa, release this week your second production. The Sapabonde EP – II. Just to remember, in October of 2010, the Funk na Caixa, with help of Ophex, released your first procution of Sapabonde Ep. Inserting Sapabonde in eletronic scene and showing the new face of Neo Baile Funk with remixes of Diamond Bass, Hat n Hoodie, Ophex, Guto de Almeida, Rip Knoxx and others.

In this second release, Funk na Caixa get the all new names of Neo Baile Funk and fix the idea of Neo Baile Funk. 7 new remixes, 6 new remixers, 3 brazilians (DrunkDisco, Dj Edgar and La Bombacion), 2 from Uk (Amy Grante and The Bumps) and a frech (Hungry Sam). So here is the all new tracks of Neo Baile Funk scene!



  • Anonymous March 26, 2011

    yeaeaaa!!! Sapabonde are my favorite neo-baile producers and this release is exceptional!!! Was very surprise to findout it is a free download on bandcamp, bigggg up brazil!!!

  • Anonymous March 26, 2011

    bumps, your remix is insanely ghettofabulous!

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