Top Shelf Jams From the Dub Diaspora

Some free. Some not so free. But Top Shelf Bizness either way!

An excellent (albeit cut too short) tune from Paata – delivering Transnational Dubstep at it’s best! Dancing On Mount Uhuru (Dubstep) by Paata

An escape from the city into the hills. But wait… this track isn’t downloadable so I need an internet connection to stream it. hmmmn… dilemma.
Escape Dub by Roots Controlla

Boom! Back in the city and it’s infested with robots!
Excision – Subsonic [ BONG REMIX ] [ DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION !!! ] by BongDubstep
Grab the download from here (there’s another nice track bundled with this download as well 😉

More Transnational Dub vibing with this tuff gem from Grasp The Erro & Shamik.
Grasp The Erro & Shamik – Widen by shamik

Bronstibock kicks down the jam for Muthoni. The popcorn synth into the drop at 2:06 is tight! I love that high skittering synth bubbling just under the surface.
Bronstibock feat. Sage & Muthoni The Drummer Queen- “I just wanna dance” (Bronstibock Dubversion) by bronstibock

Next up i’ve got this lovely Chinese Dub fusion tune from Alpha Steppa. Love. Love. LOVE this tune!
Alpha Steppa – Belle Doo by Alpha Steppa

As a nice chill ending to this collection and in homage to the rain that swept over Amsterdam today, ‘Rainy Dubs’ by Echomer.
Rainy dubs by echomer

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  1. such quality tunes here and great flow, love the chill ending, this can come together as a phat dj mix in this exact order

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