Subatomic Re-Ups the Vampires & Informers


Does this release look familiar? Generation Bass posted about this last October. Maybe it was originally rushed out for Halloween or maybe it was the mix-up with the distributor. But the release has been remastered, had tracks added and has been re-released… proving it’s never too late or too soon to make a good thing better.

To celebrate Subatomic is giving away two of the newly remastered tracks for limited time to coincide with this post.

First up (and one of my fave mixes) is Subatomic’s own Bloodstep mix. With the attention grabbing vocal intro the drop someone in the venue ALWAYS gives a nod of praise!
Elephant Man – Vampires & Informers – Subatomic Sound System’s Bloodstep mix 2011 remstr by SubatomicSound

If you’re down with the Stereotyp trip then grab this one too.
Elephant Man – Vampires & Informers – Stereotyp’s Bloody Barefoot mix by SubatomicSound

Not free but a banging new jungle mix from Liondub & Tester. File under ‘Kill A Soundboy’.
Elephant Man – Vampires & Informers – Liondub & Tester’s BK Jungle mix by SubatomicSound

Check ’em all out right here:
Elephant Man “Vampires & Informers” w/ Subatomic Sound, Dubblestandart, Stereotyp, Ming, Kush Arora by SubatomicSound


  • Anonymous April 9, 2011

    you kiddin me? I dig this release then and I dig it now, can’t wait for me dancehall/globalbass collaboration. As always Process you bring the hottest tunes to our attention, werd!

  • processrebel April 11, 2011

    Cheers Wizraeli!

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