My friend (and one of Israel’s major dj’s/producers) Sabbo just sent me this link to a great optimistic and positive video.

It’s of Arab and Jewish musicians in Jerusalem jamming together to create some seamless fusion, peace & harmony.  Just like the way we would hope that, that part of the world, could be some day!

special tnx to the local musicians who create the sound of Jerusalem.

brass & Groove – Marsh Dondurma
Kanun – Safi Swaid
Darbuka – Hani Asad
Viola – Emmanuel Witzthum
Drum Kit – Uriel Sverdin
Mpc & Turntable — Guy Mar
Dahul- Ittai Binnun
Baglama – Tomer Katz
Biovon – Amir Bolzman
Oud – Loab Hammoud
Guitar – Ophir Even Odem
Guitar – Lazer Lloyd
Violin – Michael Greilsammer
Vocal – Shimrit Greilsammer
Saxophone – Yarden Klayman
stay tuned:!/kutiman/



  • Okulus Anomali June 14, 2011

    this is great…the Kanun player is amazing.

  • Anonymous June 14, 2011

    cool! looks like it is all original footage and not youtube recycling. I dig it!

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